Leaderboard Inconsistency - (edit: Now Resolved)

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  • The midnight ride. And HanahsDax don't worry, the V1 Leaderboard is musical chairs. IMG_1880.PNG

  • @blkwalnutgrwr That's a lot of screenshots.
    Sorry if I've totally got the wrong end of the stick, is the issue that you can't seem to overtake #5 who's on the same day even if you update your streak first thing after the date refresh?

  • @Lia -- Hi Lia, You must be bored to look through the whole thread. After midnight tonight when my #1 V1 drops off the Leaderboard, that will tell what the app has for the streak on my other V1. I suspect their number is different than what I have documented here. And you are right, this is a ridiculously thorough documentation, but I am trying to figure out what happened and if the app is being accurate. Stay tuned to hear the rest of the story.

  • In a bizarre turn of events, here is the rest of the story. So, it's midnight, right? Edging over into Thursday, August 27, 2020. Rural darkness prevails. Coyotes just out of range are yipping and howling; the quarter moon is blood red from the high smoke particulates of the U.S. western fires in the atmosphere. Dew thickly blankets the grass. I mount the Onewheel that I bought at the end of June and start riding up and down a grassy stretch of farm field. Not so much starlight, a little moonlight, and a dim flashlight. Moving along I pull the Leaderboard up on my phone, fumbling a little to see it with my distance glasses. Having unlinked my #1 board I expected it to drop off. And I half-expected and hoped to come back on with this second board either to the #5 slot, or to #4 given all the screenshots above that should put me slightly ahead of 'Iamjoeking'. Fear that I would not show up at all and would have to try to take to task the powers that be crossed my mind. A little focus and I see a #2. Hmmm...? Huh...? Stopping the board I dismount to pull my reading glasses out of the hoodie pocket. And indeed, with the same 62 days as 'Robert 206' but with less mileage, there I am -- jumping from nowhere straight into the #2 slot! Not even missing a day since I bought the board. The only thing I can figure is that the Daystreak Leaderboard will not allow the same name in the five slots more than once.

  • @blkwalnutgrwr jealous of your location and the time you have to dedicate to this mission! Amazing tenacity.

  • @blkwalnutgrwr Oh that's interesting, wonder if that's by design or an edge case that was never expected.

    It's possible in the table of data the rider name is the key field and cannot be shown multiple times. My limited experience with databases would lead me to believe that's the case.

  • Inconsistency resolved: The program running the Daystreak Leaderboards simply will not allow the same rider to appear in more than one slot of the five, regardless of the number of days in a streak on a secondary board.

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