Pint-like tire for the XR?

  • @OneDan but it's still louder than the stock vega / slicks right? since it's gonna be wet season soon, i'm wondering if i should go treaded to avoid slipping out and falling face first in surprise saturated patches of grass... or maybe treaded wont help that much for that?

  • @Swinefeaster No way, this tire is the quietest I've ever ridden. I had a Burris before and this one I can barely hear at all. There is a slick tire, I think it's Hoosier, but maybe the 5.5, that is really squirelly (sp? lol), but I like some stability going straight line, but my riding style is to carve almost constantly.

    I REALLY like the treaded tires and changed mine immediately when I got my XR (I previously rode a + that I put a Hoosier v1 on at about 900 miles). It's more grippy side to side and (as you mentioned) in any kind of wetness or mud. Another nice thing is that it picks up WAY less leaves, dry or wet, so no need to stop and clean out under the fender.

  • @OneDan ok i think you have me sold. if i may ask what's your weight? and what tire pressure do you use?

  • @Swinefeaster 175 lbs and run about 17 psi

  • @OneDan thanks, i'm 170lbs so comparable

  • Hoosier Flight Fins Whisper 6 FTW! I ran the Burris treaded (v1) for 1500 miles and it was waaay better than the Vega for me, but the FF Whisper is even better! super smooth and quiet. Plus it's lighter than all the other tires, so I get much better mileage

  • @buffs I did exactly the same! My Burris could've gone another 1000+ miles I'm sure, but the whisper seemed like an improvement, so I tried it out and just love it.

  • got my new xr and immediately put on the hoosier tf2. holy crap that makes the board feel awesome! almost a bit too carveable, but with a few tweaks in the custom shaping i found the right spot.

    also, tried 17psi, but it was way to squishy for my... and yeah i'm still 170lbs. 21psi was too bouncy... found that 19.5psi was the perfect balance for me.

    now i gotta sell that brand new vega tire

  • @Swinefeaster Told ya! Yeah, I still have my almost new Vega from 2 years ago when I got my XR . . . not much of a market I think.

  • my og motor has a 950mi dead vega on it, I'll take it for shipping and beer$$

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