New OW XR tire pressure

  • Hi all,

    I am a new Onewheel owner. After saving for many months and the spirit of wanting to OW for long, I went today to try both the models and ending up bringing the XR home.

    I was charging it for the first time trying to take it up to the 100% mark as mentioned and couldn't help but wanted to check the tire pressure.

    I connected my home tire infator and it showed the tire as being empty at 0psi... I took it up to what seemed 19psi and the tire now feels very tight (basically pressing down with a finger does not having any impact like if the tire was at its max capacity). Maybe it could take more it just appeared quite tight.

    My question- do all the new OW's comes with empty tires or was it just mine, in which case I would like to get the air checked from a pump before I take it for a test run.

    Thanks in advance,

  • my pint arrived fully inflated. i think you should be fine around that psi... as long as it isnt constantly losing air. maybe there's a defect in the tire and it defalted during shipping.

    if it holds air, go shred it!

  • @Swinefeaster holds air well. Atleast since yesterday. I'm so frekking loving it.

    My best purchase so far! So sooo good...

  • @samir ya man i was really skeptical about how much i was gonna love the onewheel so i finally cheaped out and bought the pint in May. lets just say i just ordered an xr a couple days ago.

  • @Swinefeaster hahaha! Believe it or not, my wife told me the same thing- she said I'm happy you went all out with the XR cuz otherwise you were anyway gonna buy it after the PINT and that she knew it from the start.

    I keep telling myself that I made one good choice by choosing the XR as it was very hard to not come home with the PINT.

  • @samir on the flipside, my 9yo daughter can now shreds the pint with me. so it was still worth it for me.

    the vega is a terrible tire for the xr though. i ordered a more rounder tire so let's hope it fixes that for the xr

  • @samir

    My came with ~5lbs of air, but I live in a rural area and bought it from a low volume skate shop. From looking-up the serial number, it looks like I bought it 6 months after the date of manufacture.

    I Slimed it, used a valve stem tool to make sure the stem was snug, then filled it up, and only needed to top it off after its Winter hibernation in Spring - haven't had any trouble otherwise.

  • @samir
    I ride now at around 23 psi on dirt and 30 psi on pavement (240 lbs weight). The normal guide is 10% of body weight but as your control improves you can add more psi for better range..

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