XR Rail Guards Cut Like A Razor Blade

  • I picked up an XR about 4 months ago. It is absolutely the most amazing technology. I managed to go largely accident/injury free for the first 398 miles. Mile 399 I Hit some uneven cracks in the sidewalk and got a little wobble, so I attempted to dismount into the grass. I wasn’t going fast, so I attempted to out run the fall. I must have taken back foot off the board first allowing the pressure on my front foot to cause the board to accelerate and hit me in the back of the ankle. The really unlucky part is the sharp pointy part of the protruding rail guard is what struck my ankle causing a 5 inch gash 160 degrees around the back of my ankle almost nicking my achilles tendon. It took 13 stitches to close it up. It was a total freak accident. I filed down all of the sharp edges on my rails, but it may be a nice Design improvement to make the rail guards more convex or smooth.
    ![3_1598555112559_32F97265-F66C-4209-BFD7-014818F0EE90.jpeg](Uploading 3%) ![2_1598555112559_6B99B2DD-3E65-4EE1-91BC-AC96715D700F.jpeg](Uploading 3%) ![1_1598555112558_4BA13575-049B-4A3C-BA20-9E6D83B9745C.jpeg](Uploading 3%) ![0_1598555112556_D7C33A51-3B26-4F53-90D2-9179FB4C3B58.jpeg](Uploading 3%)

  • I was thinking that I should file those edges down, now I will for sure.


  • 7C8AC81D-752F-4B03-93D0-C997F1386FF0.jpeg CC575594-F639-4F3A-B165-41DE9F862744.jpeg 54ECD917-4E36-4658-9EF7-2A55B44F7F58.jpeg 5578A47C-4419-4CA9-89DA-93C97E26B511.jpeg

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