fender causes front grip to wrinkle up.

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    Tried linking a picture, original is several megs. To describe though, I get a puckering right at the wheel edge, from the fender seal pushing up the grip area. Would it hurt the front sensor to just trim 1/4" back from the wheel? There's a clear plastic sheet there!
    I tried reversing and alternated tightening front, rear, diagonals, but always the same little slippage. Afraid rocks or debris will get under and cause the whole grip to come up. It is hot here, over 110 surface temp, usually. Just the heat?

  • That happened to me on my OW+. I let it slowly get worse for about a year, then replaced it with TFL grip. I should have replaced it earlier, as TFL grip is much better than stock. You can take your time to figure out what you want to do about it.

  • Be careful trimming the grip tape that you don't cut through the clear sheet. That would end with a dead sensor. I live in a hot climate and i found the original grip softened and crept fwd and eventually overhung at the front of the leading footboard.

    Hasn't been an issue since i put a TFL grip on. Other brands probably also better than std.

    Another piece of advice I'd share is to have a spare front pad so if for whatever reason the orig pad fails, you can swap it quick. (I'm in Australia so shipping times these days are 2months.)

  • @JojoMototo FM uses crappy griptape, both the grit and the adhesive (mine have always come up just like you describe). Just get a hairdryer and carefully replace it with better griptape. I've used Vicious (which I love) and Black Diamond (which is just OK) on mine.

    Many people really like TFL's griptape, and Craft & Ride just came out with some that's basically like Vicious in terms of large granule size, but more spaced out, to make it easier to clean and shift your feet.

  • I had the same issue. Not the grip tape though, the sensor is sandwiched between two layers of plastic. The plastic sheets were sliding off each other. I ended up replacing the whole front footpad to be safe and. on the advice of another on the FB Owners Group, I put a couple of o rings under the fender bolts and have had no problem since. The o rings just give it a bit of clearance but still let you secure the fender nice and solid.

  • Thank you all for most excellent replies, greatly appreciated!

  • @JojoMototo

    I had footpad sensor issues causing the unlisted '15 Blink' error code, and I traced it to my Flight Fenders putting pressure on the front footpad sensor by compression of the grip tape and plastic sensor sheet beneath.

    Unlike the other recommendations, I DID trim with a razor knife both the tape and the clear plastic sheet underneath using the installed Flight Fenders as a guide - then removing the fenders, lifting the tape & plastic, then reinstalling the fenders.

    This did solve my problem . . . not that I'm recommending it, just saying this approach worked for me.

  • @biell For the price you'd think they would use good grip tape. Future Motions Business Model should NOT be followed.

  • @3tch3r yeah, that would be nice. I guess it is a matter of ratios. Grip tape isn't always perfect, so if 1 out of every 1000 OWs has grip tape issues, I think that is reasonable. If it is 1 out of every 20, well that would be a different story.

    I don't know what would have happened with my XR, as I replaced the stock grip with TFL pretty early on, since I learned from my plus that I like it better. Grip is personal, so I don't mind that the stock FM grip isn't perfect for me.