Getting caught in the rain

  • it's gonna start become a rainforest here in Seattle soon. When it's raining out I'll have to sadly keep the onewheel inside. But if I am out and get caught in a downpour, what should I do? How paranoid should I be about rain?


  • What kind of OW do you have? i have read that people waterproof/Badger-kit their Plusses and XRs, but i am pretty sure the Pints already have more water-resistance out of the box than those models, and don't need that level of waterproofing. I treat my Pint like it's an expensive electric item and avoid water as much as i can, but i've seen lots of videos on youtube of people in Pints happily rolling through all kinds of water with no apparent issues.

  • i have a pint, but i just ordered an xr. don't plan to ride it in the rain, but weather is pretty unpredictable out here...

  • the badger kit looks interesting. a lot of work, but not too expensive... might just do that.

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