has anyone traveled lately after the airline ban?

  • im planning a trip to jordan, spain and japan and need to know if i can bring my ow along or not.

  • I just traveled back to Seattle from the Philippines via San Francisco.
    I had no issues on any of the trips.
    I checked it in as luggage. When asked what was in the bag, all I said was that it was a skateboard.
    I purposely did not mention 'electric'.

    On both international legs of my trip, I found a piece of paper in the bag stating it had been inspected by the TSA.

    I traveled via Virgin America from Seattle to SFO and Philippine Airlines from SFO to MLA. I took the same airlines on the way back.
    I flew out Dec 23 and just got back January 14.

  • @dino Awesome so you had no problems all. Thats great because I order the same bag as you. I'm sure you had an awesome trip.

  • What bag? Just curious... @dino What airline?

  • @MichaelW

    I packed it in this bag that @braswell recommended.
    It was the perfect fit. I added some bubble wrap for the international flight.

    Airline info in my first reply.

  • @dino We've all seen how the airline handlers throw checked in baggage around. Were you worried they'd do the same with your OW?

    I'd like to take my OW to Hawaii, but also worry it might be confiscated by TSA at the gate prior to departure.

    Thoughts anyone?

  • i havent travelled yet but i would guess the safer option is checking it as luggage rather than going through the gate. thanks for the replies

  • @wheelking The bag was very sturdy and was able to protect the board. Also consider that the board is metal and pretty tough. I had wrapped it with large bubble wrap initially but found that they just popped and were unnecessary.

  • The sticker on the new board that says: "remove before flight", what is that? Should it be removed before shipping by air?


  • @oledokka I think "flight" as in riding.

  • I traveled from roundtrip Germany-USA. The Frankfurt Miaimi Route was not issue. I was not even aware of a "travel ban". However, I did notice that the Homeland Security (Border Control/Security-Whatever) opened the box which I checked in normally for my return flight from Orlando to Frankfurt with Lufthansa on January 8th. I think it is up to the airline to determine whether or not you can take it with you. Plus, I would not check a fully charged battery. I think it also matters where the board was manufactured.

  • EDIT to the below statement: after doing some more research, I looked at the FAA's approved battery list more closely. Anything under 100Wh the FAA deems automatically safe, while anything between 100 and 160 they put a disclaimer that says "*airline approval require". To that, boosted board's FAQ directly addresses traveling on airlines with the board, as their product comes in under the 100Wh limit. Onewheel's faq is a little more ambiguous, and I can't find the Wh's for the board, or the Ah's to calculate the Wh's. Of course, realistically, anything you bring on is subject to airline approval. My apologies if I'm repeating other people.

    So...not sure if this helps any. I noticed in a recent vlog that Casey Neistat ~looks~ like he checks in his boosted board on a flight from NY to LA for the Oscars. Technically, the board~ I think~ would fall under the travel ban. Now, he may have just gotten lucky, and let alone the fact that the boosted board ~barely~ looks like an electric skateboard, i.e. it's profile is very close to a standard longboard, so it could easily be missed. But I do know that the next vlog shows him riding around LA on it, so who knows.

  • Hey, just posting on here to see if anybody else has traveled and any other news. - I plan on bringing this to Japan and various other countries this summer. - Anybody have any friends or family that work for United they can ask ?

  • @thefunkybat Casey Neistat checks his Boosted Board pretty much everywhere he flies.

  • @thegreck - Thanks for the reply. I never even thought about it un-till last night as I was daydreaming of where I would travel with it. It would be pretty upsetting to step off the plane in Japan to find out the FAA took my ride. - Thanks, ill continue my research just in-case. - My board just arrived today : ) - Buy its like raining/snowing ish outside : ( - Road it anyway : ) It's going to be great once the weather clears

  • @onavircs But that's Casey Neistat, and it was a Boosted Board. I wasn't saying you're safe to fly with your Onewheel.

    There have been a lot of discussions on this forum within the past couple of months on this topic, and until TSA is better educated on batteries, a lot of people are saying you're safer shipping it to where you're going ahead of time.

    Several people have been turned away by security when trying to fly with their OWs. Others say they've been able to check it in a duffle bag by telling TSA that it's a camera dolly. But then you're lying and risking getting caught in a lie in order to board an airplane.

  • Curious on this as well. Got a trip to Florida soon. Tempted to ship before going.

  • Coming to Fort Lauderdale?

  • Ft Myers man

  • Bump.

    Anybody attempt to fly?
    Taking off Thursday.

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