One Wheel Injuries

  • After 500+ miles on my one wheel I am calling it quits. In the past 3-4 years or so of riding, I have broken my arm, a couple of ribs and more recently found that my board regularly malfunctions and nose dives, always when I am pushing the limits on speed. I also feel they definitely throttled the older models speeds after releasing the newer models. I used to push 20+ no problems. New model comes out and I cannot exceed 16 mph....similar to the lawsuits Apple is in court with for throttling the speed of older models of their phones. I am an quite experienced at riding on any type of surface but this thing is no longer reliable or safe. If you own a onewheel injuries are inevitable. A man died this year when his device malfunctioned causing him to nosedive and device turned off (exact issue I had for last 2 injuries). Onewheels are unpredictable with age and have proven again and again to malfunction and nose dive. I used to love my onewheel but it is simply not safe unless you go slow and ride on soft surfaces with the expectation that at some point the device is going to malfunction and send you flying face first into the ground.

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    Hope you are not injured that bad from the last ground contact. I got lucky on my last dirt trail ride after some tree root wobble and landing on my good elbow (broke the other one in feb 2020 after hitting a pothole). Elbow pads saved me...

  • @ddrake5 Sorry to hear about your injuries and that you feel you can no longer ride. I went down at 21 mph on my + at around 600 miles. Fully padded up and still had scrapes and bruises all over my body. At the time I was asking @Future-Motion for a speed limit warning in the app, but that's never happened. Anyway, since then, I've been wearing a watch running the OW app connected to my phone so I can check battery and speed at any time. I now keep my max speed around 16/17 (even lower when the battery gets below 30%). I'm a mostly pavement, some gravel trails rider. I now have almost 6,000 miles on OWs and haven't had another major get off since then. You have to really be in tune with your board and "listen" to the feedback. When my XR battery flaked out, around 1900 miles on the board, it pushed back at 57% and I immediately stopped. Went another half a block and it did it again. Stopped and called an Uber. Sent it in to @Future-Motion for a new battery.

    Anyway, I realize it could throw me at any minute, but keeping my speed down and trying to be careful, I'm hoping I just get banged up a bit if it tosses me. I also ride a motorcycle (not off road or anything) and realize that one wrong move or crazy driver hitting me would be the end, so you have to choose what you're willing to risk for the rewards of having fun.

    Good luck and hope you find another, safer, activity to indulge in.

  • @OneDan yeah, I snowboard, dirt-bike, surf etc., and for sure one wrong move can get you injured but I’ve found that my Onewheel is far too unpredictable vs. other sports I partake in. There was no kick back, no low battery warnings, nothing at my last 2 injuries. I just don’t feel that they are reliably safe devices and we’ll see how their wrongful death lawsuit plays out. The man who died fell in the exact situation I described...turn off nose dive with no warning. At least when I’m boarding I can shift and correct mistakes, Onewheel just tosses you through the air like a rag doll.

  • @LidPhones I spent 2 days in the hospital after the last accident but thankfully nothing broken...just a bad concussion that needed observation level of care.

  • Curious if you ever tried fangs? I know they saved me a few times... After having a few nosedives (on grass luckily), I've come to be a lot more careful with the thing. Especially on pavement I try to carve rather than straightline, and don't exceed 16 miles on pavement for sure... Got about 750 miles on my pint and 100 miles on the xr.

  • @ddrake5
    Glad to hear you are healthy. Take care on your future endeavors....

  • @ddrake5 said in One Wheel Injuries:

    The man who died fell in the exact situation I described...turn off nose dive with no warning

    Do you have a link? When this item was first reported I was looking for more detail, but there isn't a lot.

    Since the guy died, I strongly suspect we don't know if there was a warning, or if the board was on or off. I also tend to suspect he probably wasn't wearing a helmet. I'd also like to know things like how fast was he going, how much experience did he have, etc.

    I'm sorry he was killed and I'm sorry for his family, but I'd wait a little longer before assuming that his case proves the devices are unacceptably unsafe. They clearly carry risk, and a malfunction in motion is nearly always going to be a bad time, but the fact remains that most nosedives are a result of rider error.

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    What kind of safety gear were you wearing when you were injured?

  • @ddrake5 im sorry about the injuries. i have a real issue with FM for not teaching us about how these things work. I had 2 major nosedives when learning and 2 from a faulty xr with a leaking seal, corrosion on cpu. No pushback on a 25.4 mph fall(in shorts and tank, smh) that led to discovery of the water damaged cpu in XR. The first 2 were me learning the limits with acceleration(THAT FM NEVER TELLS YOU ABOUT) and then max speed. Be careful with high wind at your back. To my experience this easily make you nosedive because you cant “catch” it from engaging.
    To my experience the pint has much better performance and feedback but im 150 lbs., heavier riders will have more issues. If the board is dumping you without pushback, i think it’s damaged.
    The XR is a bit of a deathtrap. Its not made tightly enough to do what people want to do with it, so the danger is A LOT higher. That 25.4 mph eject made me completely change my riding style, and im way better off because of it.
    NOW, I NEVER ride in a straight line anymore, i ALWAYS have good positive music on a speaker and just zig and dance to the music. Half the time i get to where im going and just cant stop exploring and gigging. I kinda feel my life has changed from this, a bit. Instead of ripping by people, trying to daze with speed i slow down and swing around them giving them plenty of space and wave. The smiles i see are incredible.
    Cons: i am all over the place on paths an may get into a fight with a grumpy cyclist...oh well.
    P.S. i work in a very dangerous environment were we have to practice a visual scanning practice called “360 degree vision”. This is very helpful for onewheeling if you ask me.

  • @Glyph Why are you trying to defend FM so much? The XR needs work, that is a fact. And FM is cutting corners. For example, the regen shutdown issue, should be very easy to fix. But someone has to die first...and they will...Thats the way things work in this country. What if your tesla did that?! LMAO!!

  • So, +300 miles (amateur I know) on my XR. Stumbled upon this thread googling something unrelated (name of muscle back of leg that's sore from not riding forever lol) and just thought I'd share my thoughts on this.

    The person who died due to the nose dive, I've had mine lose power 'randomly' until I thought about why it was that it happened. Heading down a hill and taking a right turn at a traffic light into a bike lane, I lost power and luckily just coasted without any control (oh man, scary!). Replaying it back in my head while bewildered, figured out it was my own fault as when I made that right turn, my back foot had lifted enough to disengage the sensor and cut the power to the wheel.

    On another note which might help others as I wish someone would have helped me...did get a broken wrist 1.5 years ago due to a dip in the street that was not visible at all to the eye. The OW did what it needed to do to compensate and ended up kicking out from under me. Actually had my gopro recording the accident, damn lucky the car behind me didn't run me over! OOoofff...Download file for 4k and not 720p

    So please....seen too many riders thinking it's not cool to wear a helmet or protective me, sitting at home for 3 months waiting for your wrist to heal up is far worse than killing that swagger of floating on a OW. At least wear a helmet, and better yet, wear wrist guards Triple-Saver-Wristsavers. Still get random sharp pain spikes in the wrist, especially on cold mornings while driving. Cheers and stay safe!

  • @TheOmegaMan Agree on the helmet and wrist guards, they are essential! I wore full gear until just over 1000 miles on my board. My second nosedive was at 600 miles going 21 mph (left wrist guard actually cracked!) and I now have over 6000 miles nosedive free, but I keep the top speed around 16/17 mph on my XR. You said your back foot came off the sensors, but normal riding the sensors are in front. I can't ride switch, so perhaps that's how you were riding. But even if I could ride switch, that does seem like it could be an issue since often on tighter turns, my back heel does lift off the board.

  • The fact that there isn't an audible pushback alarm alone is pretty shitty. If there was I might not have a plate screwed into my collarbone right now. Although I can't be sure, because I didn't feel any pushback so for all I know it just cut out.

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