• @tompeter

    Are you or were you original owner of this board. Do you happen to have the serial number?

  • Hi, sorry,..I should have been checking this post more often friend.
    Serial number is posted on the ad you read in title. The tired first two Letters "VE" in Vega i had started to Repaint so if you see the board with the tire that I had on there you'll see in Bold new white paint the V and E redone and the G and A still old and crappy looking. I had gray side rails on the board original Onewheel black fender with white stripes on the top and in the middle he kind of holographic 45 inch wide wrap. I don't think it matters because it changes all the time going up and down but the board head 1225 miles when I had it last and the only outstanding thing I can think of is a Nick in the left front corner of the board and signs where I sanded it around the edges. The biggest thing you might notice is it's missing one of the side rail panels that kept falling off. I still have in my truck.
    Also they sent me the plus panels even though I have an EXR so you'll see stripes instead of XR. I'll try to get a picture up as soon as possible I had to do some digging because I didn't have many

    Thank you for any help

    I should repost this on the main boar. If you're better at this Tom I wouldn't mind you doing it but I'm not asking. Either way you have my permission she do anything and everything.
    As an every day rider for a few years I was and have been devastated by this. Certainly not a rich feller. Couldn't just go out and get a new one with all the Fixin's .
    Ill checking this more often now

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