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  • Hey guys, this will be a long explanation.

    So about 6-7 months ago we lived in Round Rock, Austin TX and I OW'd every morning and night and one night I got into an accident and had to lay on the ground for a straight 30 minutes in fear and pain in my side with no ine around. Turns out I fractured a rib or two and may have gotten a concussion and the wife wasn't too happy.

    After that I got on every so often to just keep the muscles worked but we moved to CO, in the mountains, and couldn't afford insurance and mods for trail riding so I put it down for a good 4-5 months.

    We are back here in South West Texas and still no insurance but I do want to ride as I am gaining weight again just sitting and streaming on twitch all the time. We plan on getting motorcycles once we get jobs and insurance so I thought why not get the gear for motorcycling and use it onewheeling? Full disclosure I don't know how to fall because I've never had the money to put myself back together if I did practice lol

    So my question is,

    What are your opinions on full face motorcycle helmet onewheeling? Will it affect my FOV too much? (Helmet is Icon Airflite)

  • @Haydenator -- In winter in Northeast Ohio while Onewheeling I wear a full face motorcycle helmet to keep my head warm. Any other season I find the helmet is too hot.

  • @Haydenator

    I use a fullface mountain bike helmet, motocycle knee/shin guards, elbox/forearm guards, wrist guards, and a shoulder pad on my lead shoulder.

    The system has work tremendously. I've had a couple of big wrecks, and got right up every time with only a little road rash on my hips. I've thought about hip pads, just haven't pulled the trigger on them.

    Here's what I wear:
    1594218495901-shoulderpadinsert.jpg 1594218486698-shoulderpad.jpg 1594218481023-motorcyclepads.jpg 1594218473639-helmet.jpg 1594218466759-wrist.jpg

  • @Kielanders -- A knee pad stuffed in the pants over the hip works just fine.

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