38.3km/h top speed pint

  • So firstly let's just say trying to achieve this wasnt my first thought when I started riding but eventually me and buddy figured out how to trick the board to go over the factory recommended top speed of 26/mph, even with pushback.

    Most I was ever able to hit was, maybe 28-30km/h, some reason it just felt a tiny bit too slow (only this idiot would think 30k on one fricken wheel is too slow) boy was I mistaken when I finally figured out how to go nearly 40km/h.

    Flying down the road at 38km/h felt like I just achieved victory maybe the overall top speed all around the community for pint users, until one of two things happened either I slightly put more weight on the front then I was intending and overloaded the push back (probably the cause) or I might have hit a bump and lost control, all I know is it took about .3 seconds for me to hit the ground, 10feet of sliding on pavement and two bystanders for me to realize maybe I should really get some wrist guards now hahaha

  • um why?

  • If speed is what you want, get an electric skateboard.. even cheap ones go almost 40 km/h.

  • I mean do whatever you want but this just seems dumb, especially on the Pint. I just broke my collarbone riding on the beach and I was only going 12mph AT MOST but probably more like 10. (I was in "Redwood" mode for the lower top speed). PS sorry about the imperial units, I am a dumb American.

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