Pint question: Battery percentage Display on APP not reading correctly Please HELP

  • Hey Guys i have a question, several days ago, i have my pint charge in a regular charger, once the app told me its 100% fully charged and the battery Volt at 63.3 V and the charger green light is on, I unplugged from the charger BUT as soon i Unplugged turn on my Pint, the reading i get is 99% and 63.3V.

    the next day i charged my Pint to my ULTRA CHARGER, i always did the same thing, once it say's 100% at 63.3V green light, I Unplugged, After the ULTRA CHARGE once i unplugged and turn back on the reading is 99% battery capacity at 63.3V, I am curious about the 99% Battery display reading

    It annoy's me, why am I getting 99% battery and not 100% battery reading?
    is there a way to reset the battery life reads out? Or will this give me problem in an Long run?

    by the way my Pint is 816 Miles, shall i send this in for maintenance? not sure if i can reset the battery read out.

    Thanks for reading!

  • @keeveca this is normal behaviour. The App percentage is always going to be an approximation. Its not consistent at all. Be careful trusting it at low battery levels.

  • @stinkyface okay thanks. Yeah im still annoyed LOL i want the 100% display reading once its fully charged and unplugged

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