Flight Fender and Duck Feet

  • so maybe i want it all... but i got a duck foot wide stance and i have the flight fins and extenders and the flight fender, stock grip. i find the fenders mounts stick out a bit and i keep feeling them with the heel. i wish they would be flush.

    so far there doesn't seem to be a good solution out there. i don't think i wanna go concave because i like the way it feels, and i want to keep it symmetrical for riding switch and stuff.

    i also have big size 13 feet so if i put a flightdeck on it, i'm worried the reduced clearance will cause issues again with my big shoes.

    anyone got a good solution? or should i just live with it?

    cheers and thanks

  • @Swinefeaster I'm not comfortable with flightfin pigeon toe or duckfoot, so made my own custom toe hook
    alt text

  • haha that's awesome. can you jump with that setup though? looks like it's about to crack

  • at 58 my only air time is in snow, I can't lift on the board much with it as it is a softer plastic that flexes so my foot will come out in a nosedive; made out of a hardboot tongue, I beefed it up a bit since that pic so I can pull up on it in a heelside carve increasing control, the cut you see is a flex slot in the boot tongue
    It works great to keep my foot on the sensors over curb drops, roots, potholes etc.
    I'd put one on my pint but the smaller foot pad doesn't work as well for positioning and I only ride it while the xr is charging anyway.
    alt text

  • ah right on. yeah looking forward to the snow season!

  • update - so i spoke to flightfins and they recommended i drill the holes a touch higher, and so i did. it really doesn't need much to make a huge difference, and i was also able to angle them slightly which helped with the duck stance.

    now it feels really dialed.


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