Stolen XR SN: 1940092319 Or OW092319

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    “Seller” otherwise known as “lowlife thief” took it from my t while at Hotel in Carson Ca.
    Found it days later with clear markings it was mine. Later confirmed when he stated it didn’t have original charger or charger packaging. (Clearly knows nothing about Onewheel ) Also stated it had 107 miles when in fact had over 1200 miles. He removed the fender and protective grey side rails. Laughable to look at bottom and assume legit at 107 miles.
    Of course he didn’t respond to ANY of my inquiring questions when asked what he meant by “not original packaging” for charger or when offered to meet with him. Wouldn’t give s/n either.
    I just don’t know why since the 3rd. eBay hasn’t responded to my several messages informing them to stop the sale or inquire about it. Now Ebay is on my s**t list !

    If Anybody knows a way to track down this loser (seller) or ANY one YOU happen to know who either works at eBay or to take eBay info on this in finding this guy please let me know for a handsome reward $$$ upon recovery.


  • Yeah, eBay, America's fence. Maybe go to the cops?

  • Seems like making a case with the local police would be the first step. A few articles I've stumbled across recommend not getting in touch directly with eBay but instead relaying all the info to the police to deal with.

    Assuming your local police take the situation seriously there isn't anything stopping them getting your board back regardless of if it's now with the "new owner".

    Best of luck dude, keep us updated!

  • yeah, i don't think i'd go through ebay first... call the cops first. ebay is awful.

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