Pint vibration

  • I've been noticing a vibration when riding my OW Pint and its frequency seems to match the speed I roll at.
    The effect is as if I had a hard bump on my tire or if it was egg-shaped instead of round but I can't see anything wrong when I inspect it.
    My tire pressure was at 16psi when I noticed so I adjusted it to 20psi and tightened all the visible bolts but it did not stop.
    Anybody had something similar or suggestion on how I could investigate further?

  • @DeDe_F rotate the tire while skimming the contact area with your other hand to see if it delaminated. If there is a bulge in the tire it is stuffed and needs replacing. Options are warranty or go aftermarket and fit one yourself.

  • I get this same thing with my Pint. I complained to FM and they asked me to "send a video" which I don't have the gear for and its so slight it wouldn't be picked up.

    I mostly notice it on fresh smooth pavement, it seems to have a "bump" on every rotation of the tire.

  • @stinkyface Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I tried what you suggested and it turns out there's a small area on the tire that feels "flatter" than the rest. It's not a bump, on the contrary in fact, but it would still explain what I was describing. I'm surprised and a bit amazed that this can make a difference in the "road feel" :)
    Most of my miles are not on smooth blacktop here in Canada, far from it, so if it's not detrimental to the OW itself I can live with that tire. Thank you so much for helping me find an explanation!

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