Home Charger

  • What's up guys. So last week there was a heavy rain storm here in Seattle and our garage flooded. My XR home charger was out there plugged into the wall, but thankfully my board was inside. When I found the charger, the black box was about half way submerged in water, and the plug end that goes in to the board was fully submerged. The green light was still on. I've let it dry out and just tested it las night with a multimeter I recently picked up. Voltage looks to be what it is supposed to be. Do you guys think I'm good to go, or too risky in case something else was damaged?? Should I spend the $100 for a new charger??IMG_1649.jpg

  • That 63.6 vdc is close to my xr charger (63.4 v) on the green light. Whether or not it will work properly when plugged in the board is something I can't answer.
    $1500 vs $100 ?

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