Sudden nose dive no reason

  • i've never had that happen on my pint or xr, though i have heard about it. that's why i'm always a little sketched out when riding pavement.

    were you leaning forward by any chance?
    what's you weight?

    the pint can be easily overpowered i've found unless you have the weight of a 9yr old

  • @Swinefeaster Yeah I was leaning forward but no more than I usually do just to keep it going right.

    I am 6ft and 200lbs but given how many times before that I did stronger accelerations and speed bursts, it should have nose dive back then...

    To be fair I wished I did something obviously wrong that I knew now I shouldn’t do rather than keep expecting the worst. Anyway, that won’t prevent me from riding again for sure but with the additional front wheels though

  • @Franko Weird right! I hope you never do experience a nose dive as they are not pleasant!

    especially on pavement as the board just plant itself in the ground and you can’t help but being propelled forward and boom on the ground!

    As I mostly ride on the bicycle lanes alongside the beach (busy) I am waiting for the front bumper with additional wheels to ride again just in case.

    I know that it won’t prevent nose dive but it will prevent the board to plant itself immediately in the ground giving me a few mire seconds to react

  • @JC007LA i wonder if foot placement plays a factor with this. i keep both front and back feet nestled up against the fender (maaaaybe sometimes my back foot slips backward a bit), and i think that allows me to accelerate and brake faster, since the motor has less work to do and i need to also make less adjustments to get quicker results. do you have your front foot up near the nose? i wonder if even during a slight lean if the motor is already taxed that would cause it to bail and nosedive unexpectedly.

  • @Franko said in Sudden nose dive no reason:

    accelerate and brake faster, since the moto

    the only bit of advice i have would be to use your front foot to push down to accelerate rather than lean your body... if you're not doing that already.

  • @Swinefeaster yes, exactly -- i think having foot placement near the hub makes this easier. you don't feel the urge to lean out over your foot to accelerate like you do when it's further forward.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Franko @Swinefeaster Thank you guys for your advices.

    I will try to put my forward foot closer to the Hub as suggested as I think that it may be the reason why I tend to lean forward.

    I read also that riding in the elevated mode could be helpful... What do you think?


  • I had a sudden nose dive on my Pint a month ago that really shook me. It was also on dry, flat, smooth pavement with no debris or sand. It happened without warning at 10MPH on my Pint, no pushback, no stability wobbles, nothing.

    Sent the diagnostics to Future Motion to see if they could see any fault, turned up negative.

    The only thing I can think of was I was preparing to cross a busy road and was looking ahead and behind me to look for a gap in traffic, so it's possible I was off balance and didn't know it, but I would have expected to feel some sort of wobble if I was.

    I've never gotten back to the 12+ MPH range and i've shortened my rides as I still don't feel fully comfortable 100 miles later.

  • @DanMN damn, y'all are putting the fear in me.

  • @Franko @DanMN I have been back in it since the unexplained nose dive but just like you @DanMN I haven’t been going fast either... Still having that what if apprehension... I have switched to the Skyline mode though and it’s much better than the Pacific mode. More responsive and more fluid.

    I did receive the CarbonSmith front bumper with wheel today and installed it.

    I will try it tomorrow and see what happens when creating a nosedive (at slow speed) willingly.

    More to come...

  • Same here except I broke my collarbone. I might have been going too fast but idk because I didn't feel any pushback and there's no audible pushback alarm AND THERE SHOULD BE. Mine was at 99%.

  • any chance you guys got water inside the controller/battery and it is slashing around or corroding the circuits?

  • @Swinefeaster this is an interesting thought -- i know that i never ride through water if i can help it. the most i've ever done is a wet sidewalk here or there, but nothing deeper. i wonder if people who nosedive can say the same with certainty. i mean, the manual clearly says they are water resistant, not water proof.

  • @Franko Nah, not here anyways. There are no sounds if I shake it :P and its been happening since the day I got it from FM