Any London, England riders?

  • Given the looks of amazement I'm getting from just about everyone I ride past, I'm guessing there aren't many London riders yet. But if there are any others, I'd love to share good spots and meet up for a ride.

  • Im getting mine soon can't wait... East London bricklane Shoreditch... I will be tearing up those streets lol

  • Hi guys
    Seriously thinking of ordering one even it it blows my holiday budget !
    Would love to see it in action before taking the plunge though - where are you guys in London?

    Rich J

  • I'm currently in Southwark, but moving to Clapham Junction in a week. Happy to let you try it out if you like. Message me for contact info. (Sorry for the late reply, was on holiday)

  • Sorry didn't know where to ask this - when you bought it I assume you paid with cc or debit, how bad was the currency conversion - Sorry to be a pain I have only ever spend dollars before with paypal and knew what the total cost would be before committing to buy

    also how bad were customs fees?

    Should say - uk based (hoping to be first in wales with one :p )

  • Had mine for about 6 months - regularly use it around South london and across London from Victoria / black friars around the centre and across.

    It's loads faster than tube ;) and much more fun !

    It does attract lots attention and questions !

    My tyre is full of punctures from paths in regents and Hyde park which are mostly glass fragments.....

    Would be good to have more fellow riders in London !

  • Finally got mine and I am in Rotherhithe!

  • I'm in East London :-)

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