OW rebooted while riding!?

  • I'm sure like many others I've had my fair share of being thrown over the front of the board. I've chalked most of this to user error i.e. foot not on sensor properly. However, I've just had an incident last week when I was thrown off the board while crossing quite a busy road. I'd literally had just mounted the board before crossing, so speed and foot placement wasn't an issue.

    After fallen flat on the road, I picked up the board and continued to ride only to feel that the board was a bit "odd". Only after I'd got to my destination, I checked the app and found that the board was in classic mode (hence the odd feeling i.e. pushback). The LED were also on, and they were definitely off before I was thrown off.

    With this I can only assume that the board somehow rebooted while I was riding (at some speed too). I've never had this happened before (where the settings in the app were reset after being thrown over the front). I haven't had anymore incidents, but I haven't been riding much either. If it happens again at full speed while on the road, and without any warnings, it could be fatal.

    Anybody have any kind of experience like this?

  • The only way the board is supposed to change modes is by holding down the power button or by app.

    My guess would be that when you turned the board on, it got stuck or the actuator behind the button got confused and thought you were trying to change modes.

    The board will die/throw you if you change modes while riding, it would be like hitting the power button on it of course. so if that's what happened I would really investigate your power button and see if it feels sticky or like some humidity or something could have gotten in there and consider if you're under warranty sending it in to make sure they can take it apart and investigate whatever is haunting your board.

    Hope it didnt bruise your ego too bad, everybody gets bodied once in a while!

  • Thanks @utsu would the manual mode change be accompany by change in the LED as well (as it was set to off before the incident)? Also, I thought the mode could only be changed while the board is relatively still?

    I'll check my power button anyhow, I've already had it replaced once as it got completely stuck inside last year. I was hoping not to have to send the board in, but I guess it's better than riding with fear!

    Thanks again for your input, much appreciated!

  • I fired up my board last week, after a few weeks of winter storage (too much snow to ride). Before that it had to endure pretty harsh weather conditions, and it spent one night in a very cold car.

    Now, as I rode it for the first time in weeks, it felt a bit odd.
    After some more riding, it seems like it has reverted to classic mode as well.
    Tried the manual check now, and sure enough, it's in classic. Maybe it was the cold, maybe someone was messing with it at work, who knows.
    Haven't ridden classic since 1.0, and at least it was a huge improvement compared to way back :)

  • @germx Thanks for your input, at least it didn't switch mode while riding lol. I'm going to send the board back for a full inspection I think. After the incident, riding the board just isn't as fun anymore as I can never go full throttle without worrying about the board rebooting on me again. Hope your board is working perfect! Cheers!

  • @Nat Yeah, not feeling 100% confidence in the board while riding takes away from the fun indeed.
    Sometimes I imagine how much it would hurt if the board would just die on me as I go full speed down the road. But that doesn't slow me down ^^
    I switched the board back to extreme since my last comment and I'm back to riding up and down the streets like a maniac :D

  • @germx Haha nice one! I know exactly what you meant by imagining what kind of pain you'd be in if the board dies at full speed lol. I used to do it a lot too and it's exhilarating! Hopefully, I'll be back on the board riding like a maniac soon as well! Cheers!

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