XR Treaded Tire Selection

  • My riding conditions are about 50/50 road/trail, 5 months per year, usually damp/wet/cold weather - late fall thru early spring are usually wet and icy, so sort of a no go for me on anything during those seasons.

    Was thinking about the following:

    Burris 6″ Treaded (11 x 6.0-6)
    Hoosier 6.5″ Treaded (11 x 6.5-6)
    FlightFins Hoosier Terrain 2 (11 x 6.0-6)


    I've only ridden the stock Vega to this point. I wasn't particularly looking for anything more squirrelly/carvy/narrower, but am willing to try. I just don't want to go with something too different, hating it, then being stuck with it for 1000 miles.


  • @Kielanders said in XR Treaded Tire Selection:

    FlightFins Hoosier Terrain 2 (11 x 6.0-6)


    i'm loving my t2. you can always use shaping to make it feel like the boring vega, but you can't go the other way! i found a happy medium between mission and delirium (i called it Delission haha)

  • @Swinefeaster

    How many miles did you put on the Vega before switching?

    How is your Hoosier T2 going uphill on loose(ish) gravelly trails, damp/wet grass, over rocky/rooty bumps, or over wet leaves on pavement?

    I've been happy overall with my Vega, but getting unwanted slippage offroad - not sure if it's my riding ability, or the tire. I'm ~6', 185lbs, coming-up on 1000 miles over 18 months of riding.

  • @Kielanders I ran a Hoosier Treaded V1 on my original + for about 900 miles or so before I sold the + and got my XR. On my XR, I swapped the Vega for the Burris at 300 miles and ran that tire for about 2700 miles. The Burris was still in really good shape, but I decided to try the new Hoosier Whisper T2 and I really like it. The Hoosier T2 now has about 1500 miles, but definitely wearing faster than the Burris as the treads are getting pretty low (I think it's a softer compound, hence the "whisper"). So, with the Hoosier being more expensive than the Burris, I'm undecided what to get next . . . perhaps I'll just remount the Burris!

    My riding is about 90/10 pavement vs gravel and I'm ~6 feet tall, 175 lbs. I do no off roading at all, I prefer smooth floating. I will no longer ride a non-treaded tire as the grip on wet pavement, wet grass, leaves (wet or dry), as well as the occasional mud is WAY better. The treaded tires also don't seem to pick up leaves and get them jammed into the fender area nor do they get little rocks stuck in the rubber like the Vega.

    Both the Burris and the Hoosier T2 carve better than the Vega, with the Hoosier being just a little more squirrelly, but not uncomfortably so, so you won't regret either one. In my opinion, @Future-Motion should offer a treaded tire option for their boards at order time.

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