Pint footpad sensor “upgrade”🙄

  • Standing on my new pint I couldn’t get both side of sensor to work with shoes or sandals on for the life of me..kept bucking me off AND PISSING ME OFF(Maybe these should be tested with different shoes, sandals, etc..Future Motion..And remember hot plastic warps naturally)

    My XR had me using Bandaid Hydroseal bandages like crazy , and btw every onewheeler needs them in the med cabinet. They are like 1mm thick gel pads, i placed one on each sensor where it would be stepped on completely with different stances and it is completely under my control now.
    Not super pleased about the curve in the footpads. I would like footpad that match the legs natural, circular range. (I hardly walk now so my feet hurt all the time because of all the onewheeling and my concrete floors in my condo).
    Imo, my new pint foot sensor pad felt just a tiny bit warped in the wrong direction as well causing total inoperability to me. If i was new, i wouldn’t have been impressed by that at all. The Xr footpads are much more responsive, if I remember but i dont like the wood anymore.
    honestly, i dont like the XR anymore either. Its not soundly made compared to the Pint or modern standards,imo.
    Cheers and thoughtful riding to all,