Battery swap from XR to Plus

  • My XR battery is aging (surges uphill, konks out at 20%, ..) so I’m thinking of replacing or upgrading it. I guess I could just choose shorter rides, but what fun would that be?

    Yet the battery isn’t that bad, so I’m wondering if I could stuff my XR into my Onewheel plus. I’m guessing not, but wondered if anyone here has tried, or has other creative ideas.

  • @jeff8v7 The XR and Plus operate at different voltages so not really a viable option unfortunately.

    I assume you've left the board on charge over a few nights to allow the BMS to balance the cells since that's a common problem with early battery cutout?

    Alternatively there are a few riders on Reddit, Facebook etc that offer to rebuild packs or sell pre-built upgraded ones that just swap into your existing battery box and BMS.

  • Your XR battery pack will not work in a Plus, different battery chemistries.

    For your XR, are you planning on having someone rebuilt it or buy a replacement? If rebuild, then you might as well do that now.

    If replacement, then I would recommend leaving it on the charger all the time when you are not riding it. People don't normally do that because they don't want to keep their board at 100% to try to extend the battery life. But, if you are thinking about replacing it anyway, you might as well eek out the maximum performance possible for the next few months. If you can make it down to 20%, I don't think any of your cells are completely shot. So, I think doing this will lessen your surges and allow you to ride further below 20%.

  • Thanks @Lia and @biell - good to know I can stop dreaming of that swap option - figured it was a long shot anyway.

    I left my XR on the charger for 10 days while I was away, without any change, but I can try leaving it plugged in all the time.

    My XR is dying less than 1km from home, so I can add some air to the tire, turn back sooner (which I hate to do), walk up the giant hill it's surging on near the end of the ride, or just take it a little easier (which I also hate to do). App says my top speed is 32.5km/h (20.2mph) so I'm probably pushing it beyond what's "safe" anyway. (but isn't that half the fun?)

    I might try that swap option Lia mentioned or just wait for a new model, which I'll undoubtedly feel compelled to buy (I have a OW, OW+, OW+XR). This XR has 1600km, which isn't huge but it's bearings are getting a bit loud too..

    Anyway - thanks for the advice! Happy riding!

  • @jeff8v7 Hey Jeff, 1600km is indeed not huge to be honest, that's an early death for your batteries. I have +/- 3500km on mine and a regulary reach top speeds of 35km/h.
    Maybe the Chi battery upgrade is a nice alternative for you while you wait for the new Onewheel?

  • Do you have anything else that is battery powered and runs at a lower voltage than your XR? Like an eBike, some lawn care equipment, or hoverboard?

    a Vamp-n-Ride is a pretty easy thing to do. A solar charge controller is about $70 USD. Wire and Posi taps are , like, <$20. If you already have a battery (the most expensive part) you can use it to extend your range for less than $100. I used the 48volt battery from my ebike. I got 45+ miles of range when I want it. The only limitation is the charge controller can only step voltage up. Thats why most people use the 36 volt hoverboard batteries. Bonus if your battery is a 60 volt because you can run it righ in without a charge controller.

  • @jeff8v7 bad bearings will also reduce your range. Sounds like your OW could use a birthday.

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