• Hi all,
    Prospective buyer here. I’m looking to probably buy a Pint this winter break for use at college campus this spring + onward. I’m a little bit concerned, though, about security. I think I would be pretty good about not leaving it places, as I tend to be really vigilante about wallet/keys/phone and locking doors. However, I just wanted to get a read from the community on what y’alls experience has been. Is it likely that my $900 investment will get attempted stolen? How careful would I need to be?

  • @Digitalstyle7 i would be as careful as you would be with anything you bought that costs $900 -- i never leave my Pint anywhere that i can't see it when i take it out. there's no lock i trust. when i go into a store, i carry it. as for random theft on the street, i think it's something to be conscious of, but i think at this point it's super rare, if it happens at all. people are still becoming conscious of what OWs are, and if someone tried to push you off and make off with one, it weighs a lot more than they probably expect, and i think you'd be able to catch them unless they chucked it into a waiting car and took off.

    i do wish there was some sort of digital tracking system, for sure. some people have tried attaching a Tile tracker to theirs, but since it relies on bluetooth and another Tile tracker (i think?) nearby for location, and the distance they extend isn't that great, it's not a great solution, apparently. I am personally encouraged by the news that Apple may be coming out with Apple Tags soon -- a similar device to Tile, but all you need is a nearby iPhone for it to show up on the network for tracking. there are so many iPhones in the world, it seems like it might be a viable solution.

  • Yeah, I had definitely been thinking about tile. I think honestly there aren’t many situations where I’d bring it somewhere where it would be out of eyeshot, so I think practically I would be able to see it/carry it most places.

  • @Digitalstyle7 they haven't been officially announced yet, but here's more info on what is known about the Apple Air Tags:

  • There has been a launch on an airbolt GPS tracker. The same size of a tile, can be kept inside the controller hub. They use GPS, single charge of 12 months. I've got 2 on order to arrive by December. Airbolt GPS.

  • hmmm.... that's on indiegogo. they might not even make it to market and then you can lose your money.


    "Am I required to have a subscription & is there a Indiegogo Discount?
    Subscription is not required should you wish to do nearby tracking via Bluetooth only. Should you need tracking anywhere this is where the true power of the AirBolt GPS comes into play. Our plan starts from a mere $5.99 USD per month per device which represents a 40% discount to our standard pricing. That's just the price of a large coffee a month! We are also throwing in a month free. Finally, we don’t lock you into any contracts, and yes, it includes global coverage at this price!"

  • I just use a high end bicycle cable lock. I wouldn't leave it in a dark ally overnight, however.

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