Anyone interested in buying a Onewheel+ anymore?

  • I've made two posts about this previously, but was very unsure about my decisions to sell. This time I'm certain and don't have any hesitation in selling my Onewheel+ due to my circumstances. The only problem is that I don't think anyone is willing to buy a Onewheel+ now with the Pint being out and all.

    It's just hard finding time to ride it out with how much work is piling on me nowadays so I'd be more than willing to sell this easily. Plus, as a college student, the money would do wonders for me for classes and such. The onewheel was meant for easy and smooth transportation between classes and to/from home with speed, but quarantine has completely taken that out for me. Nowadays I'm barely getting free time and I have almost no time to even go out and give it a ride again.

    Originally I had set the bar at 1k since it was more new and barely used, as well as the fact that the pint wasn't announced yet. However, I'm dropping it down to $800 (Originally bought January/February 2019 for $1400 with shipping and tax, not including the $50 float fender I bought but never used. Basically, I'm nearly cutting the price in half from when I had bought it). The mileage is 134 miles. It's a bit roughed up but just from just general useage (small scratches here and there, a bit dirty. I'll clean it up to the best of my ability before handing it over) and includes the onewheel itself, manual, charger, and an unused float fender. I can also include the og box as I'm pretty sure I still have it somewhere. I'll hopefully be able to find some time to take it out for a quick run and make sure it's still fine, which I highly believe it still works like a charm.

    I'm only reaching out locally at the moment, but am willing to open it to shipping if this doesn't work out (still hit me up regardless as I'm not one to turn someone down right away over something like shipping). In terms of location, it's around Pasadena or Los Angeles CA (either works out for me). Please reach out if you are/know someone who is interested at all as it's been a very heavy and large mental burden on me. It's just sitting there without me being able to use it as I'm busy being stuck with work almost all day. My previous post should have a google doc that showcases my Onewheel, with the only difference being the mileage. Thank you so much for reading and I hope someone out there can reach out to me. Take care :))

    Forgive me for any typos. I'm using my phone and am about to head off to sleep. I just couldn't get this off my mind and I had to do something about it. I'll hopefully be able to contact you within a day or two if you contaas my schedule has been just a hint lighter at the moment but crunch time is coming up soon with finals coming up. Once again, thank you so much.

  • @Mechal245
    Good luck on selling. The Plus is still a great board as I added one to my XR and Pint fleet a few weeks back with a bad BMS for a few hundred $$$$. If you include the $50 fender your $800 price is not too bad. I bet someone will offer you $600 and you can agree somewhere in the middle....

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