Looking to trade Onewheel Plus for DJI Magic Pro 2.

  • Hi, I am interested in trading my Onewheel Plus for the DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone. The Onewheel Plus comes with many extras such as: LandSurf range extender mod, the Ranger setup to be specific. The range mod allows you to add the 56V Ego batteries and externally for significant range benefits. I will be including (2) 2.5 amp Ego batteries, (the 2.5 amp batteries double the stock range on the Plus.) I usually get 12- 19 miles off of one of those. Also including (1) 5 amp Ego battery, (which triple the stock range, I got anywhere from 20 miles to 30 miles.) So total of (3) Ego batteries and also including Ego speed charger. Can charge the Ego batteries in about 25 minutes. Also including Vega treaded tire with little wear, fender that LandSurf range mod connects to. The board has around 750 miles. Runs amazing. Never had a single issue. If you or know someone who is interested please contact me @ guapmasta@gmail.com.
    Thanks, Nic Tou

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