Onewheel Plus - 1 battery cell low voltage

  • I have been riding my Onewheel Plus for about a year now. Recently while riding the board went from 30% right down to zero. It refused to charge after that. Played around with the power button for awhile and managed to get it to charge. One cell was sitting at 0.74V at the that time. I did a 48hr charge and that cell is up to 3.24V and the board is working fine now. But the thing is as soon as I disconnect from the charger that one cell falls to 2.84V and the other cells are at 3.54V. Anyone have any ideas what I can do to fix this one cell?

    Thanks in advance.

  • @Rahul5454 you can try cycling it a few more times. If that doesn't do it, either swap out the cell or buy a whole new pack.

    Sounds like the BMS is good. Chibatterysystems might do a simple swap.

  • @stinkyface yeah I was thinking of ChiBatterySystems myself. What do you mean by 'cycling' it a few times?

  • @Rahul5454 by cycling i mean discharge then recharge then repeat a few times. I get discharging the battery the normal way could be a problem as it will nose dive whenever that cell voltage drops below the low limit. If you have any other devices that run ~48v power. Maybe you could rig them up directly to a removed battery. Bit tricky, depends what you have around. Electric mower or scooter?

    I would avoid spinning the wheel unloaded in a crate. I tried that and found that my controller got very hot.

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