Badges - Got ’Em.... Send That Stoke Box (Everest & Mariana Trench .....)

  • @HanahsDax -- This was the first 200 mile week this winter on my Plus. The V1 is retired for a while.

  • Sunsets get all the glory.
    548C2CDC-2BF9-448E-BD2A-613CCE9F1C99.png 9663361C-16A4-4AC5-8D97-F3C0DB7F7420.jpeg

  • @HanahsDax I haven't even gotten a single day logged for that badge >.>
    Congrats on completing it. You have any left to get at this point?

    Beautiful pic btw. If I had landscape like that near me I might be tempted to get up early to ride!

  • @Lia said in Badges - Got ’Em.... Send That Stoke Box (Everest & Mariana Trench .....):

    I haven't even gotten a single day logged for that badge >.>

    Nudge, Nudge --> You can do it! :) It only takes two days to get the Bronze. Nearly immediate Satisfaction!

  • @Lia Thank you. Still got a few left to complete. This particular badge would have been a little more enjoyable if they did app update in Spring but what kept the motivation going was watching how us Northern Hemisphere residents are slowly approaching the Equinox. Only over the last couple of weeks have I been able to witness the sunrise, I rode in the dark most of the time. I also wake up early for work 5 days a week so it fit my current life schedule well. Same with the lunch badge.

  • Got my "Daily Dominator Gold" badge today: 200 miles w/out breaking my day-streak.

    I know, I know. Many of you do this every week ... it took me 85 days. I had hoped to earn it on Resurrection Sunday, after church, but I had a killer headache with vision problems ... so we came straight home rather than stopping along the route for a ride. :(

    That stubborn headache started on Saturday and lasted three full days. I still feel it a wee bit today ... but I'm almost feeling back to normal. Darn long-Covid!

  • I pushed myself today ... and got my "Mileage In A Day BRONZE" badge (8 miles). My previous single-day mileage never exceeded 5 miles ... but I pushed through that rut today! All dirt, rough terrain, ... and another new first: my first bonk! Got some air popping over a rather impressive mole hill today. Whoo-hoo!

  • Earned the "Day Streaks Length Platinum" badge (streak:100 days) yesterday!

    Celebrated by finding and riding a "new to me" park. Of course that meant having a reason to drive into town ... so I combined a bunch of errands including a haircut! Whee! A haircut! What a luxury ... and, by great SuperCuts luck, I got the same delightful gal who last cut it in Nov. It was a great cut then ... and again! I'm thrilled!

    As for the park, it was difficult to find. Siri sent me down the wrong road and told me "you've arrived" as I found myself in a community of new homes. Hmmmm, someone needs a map update?

    I eventually found a different entrance to the park, rode a lovely sidewalk trail (concrete feels so strange to my feet as I only ride dirt cowpaths at home?), some lawn (ugh, mushy) and an unexpected dirt trail that led away from the park. That dirt trail was covered in loose gravel, climbed a good hill and had rain runoff ruts. Wall on one side, steep drop-off on the other along a canyon. Challenging ... but I made it! I found a narrow line along the canyon side of the path (between a runoff rut and the drop off) and stuck it. Wowza. I didn't think I could do it ... my nerves were wild. (Gladly, I was wearing safety gear!)

    Hey, surprise ... that dirt trail led back into the community of new homes above the park! It brought me to a narrow gap between two homes in a cul-de-sac. I checked later to see if that was where Siri had tried to bring me ... but no, she was on a different street altogether, higher up along the canyon hillside.

    Returning down the path was surprisingly easier. I remained mostly centered in the trail and tried crossing the ruts one at a time. Made it! Yippie and Phew!

    So, know that I am glad that I saw the dirt path between some shrubs, I'm glad I tried the dirt path and even more glad that I lived to tell the story. Ha, ha, ha. Good OW!

  • Half way there with this badge. Maybe not the most difficult badge to complete but definitely the longest.

  • Today I earned [Day Streaks Mileage Platinum] (400+ miles in the streak) which was my last in the Day Streaks category … triggering the [Day Streaks Pro]. I also earned [Mileage in a Day Silver] (16+ miles) and should have earned [Mileage in a Week Bronze] (30+ miles in a week) but my app was stuck at 28 miles for my week for the last half of the day and failed to see the last 7+ miles added to my day.

    This app is finicky. Hubby and I rode together all day … his app credited him 19 miles and mine only 17 miles. He earned his [Mileage in a Week Bronze] but I did not … even though the [My Board] tab shows 30+ miles for this week. Hmmm. Oh, well.

    I’m super pleased by our progress today. We did great!

  • Good one!!! Rider @HorsePlay!!!

  • @HorsePlay Congrats to both of you and your progress. I concur with your statement the app is finicky. While trying to complete the mileage in a day gold badge my app got stuck at 30 miles. Rode another 4 miles that day and it never registered the additional mileage.
    Just two nights ago the app didn’t register my Night Owl run. It’s happened about 4 times now for this particular time based badge. This time I screenshot pics. I’m taking the same approach as you, hmm, oh well. It’s all for fun anyways.
    EF306168-0143-413C-9F56-B18BB128C47B.jpeg E9334B7E-2A3D-4601-A632-53051F1C10B2.jpeg F61F07A1-C31A-42EB-8B2B-433F40A2A1C2.jpeg B3F9252A-F960-44C6-BF4A-1786B69503EC.jpeg

  • @HorsePlay said in Badges - Got ’Em.... Send That Stoke Box (Everest & Mariana Trench .....):

    ,,, and should have earned [Mileage in a Week Bronze] (30+ miles in a week) but ,,,

    Got it this time! My Home page shows 33 miles for last week and 32 for this week ... I'm quite relieved that I was credited the new badge today: [Mileage in a Week Bronze]


    Awwwww, @HanahsDax ... so sorry about your Night Owl! Yep, finicky app.

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    Does the Moon actually possess such strange powers or is it all just lunacy?