Badges - Got ’Em.... Send That Stoke Box (Everest & Mariana Trench .....)

  • Got my "Daily Dominator Gold" badge today: 200 miles w/out breaking my day-streak.

    I know, I know. Many of you do this every week ... it took me 85 days. I had hoped to earn it on Resurrection Sunday, after church, but I had a killer headache with vision problems ... so we came straight home rather than stopping along the route for a ride. :(

    That stubborn headache started on Saturday and lasted three full days. I still feel it a wee bit today ... but I'm almost feeling back to normal. Darn long-Covid!

  • I pushed myself today ... and got my "Mileage In A Day BRONZE" badge (8 miles). My previous single-day mileage never exceeded 5 miles ... but I pushed through that rut today! All dirt, rough terrain, ... and another new first: my first bonk! Got some air popping over a rather impressive mole hill today. Whoo-hoo!

  • Earned the "Day Streaks Length Platinum" badge (streak:100 days) yesterday!

    Celebrated by finding and riding a "new to me" park. Of course that meant having a reason to drive into town ... so I combined a bunch of errands including a haircut! Whee! A haircut! What a luxury ... and, by great SuperCuts luck, I got the same delightful gal who last cut it in Nov. It was a great cut then ... and again! I'm thrilled!

    As for the park, it was difficult to find. Siri sent me down the wrong road and told me "you've arrived" as I found myself in a community of new homes. Hmmmm, someone needs a map update?

    I eventually found a different entrance to the park, rode a lovely sidewalk trail (concrete feels so strange to my feet as I only ride dirt cowpaths at home?), some lawn (ugh, mushy) and an unexpected dirt trail that led away from the park. That dirt trail was covered in loose gravel, climbed a good hill and had rain runoff ruts. Wall on one side, steep drop-off on the other along a canyon. Challenging ... but I made it! I found a narrow line along the canyon side of the path (between a runoff rut and the drop off) and stuck it. Wowza. I didn't think I could do it ... my nerves were wild. (Gladly, I was wearing safety gear!)

    Hey, surprise ... that dirt trail led back into the community of new homes above the park! It brought me to a narrow gap between two homes in a cul-de-sac. I checked later to see if that was where Siri had tried to bring me ... but no, she was on a different street altogether, higher up along the canyon hillside.

    Returning down the path was surprisingly easier. I remained mostly centered in the trail and tried crossing the ruts one at a time. Made it! Yippie and Phew!

    So, know that I am glad that I saw the dirt path between some shrubs, I'm glad I tried the dirt path and even more glad that I lived to tell the story. Ha, ha, ha. Good OW!

  • Half way there with this badge. Maybe not the most difficult badge to complete but definitely the longest.

  • Today I earned [Day Streaks Mileage Platinum] (400+ miles in the streak) which was my last in the Day Streaks category … triggering the [Day Streaks Pro]. I also earned [Mileage in a Day Silver] (16+ miles) and should have earned [Mileage in a Week Bronze] (30+ miles in a week) but my app was stuck at 28 miles for my week for the last half of the day and failed to see the last 7+ miles added to my day.

    This app is finicky. Hubby and I rode together all day … his app credited him 19 miles and mine only 17 miles. He earned his [Mileage in a Week Bronze] but I did not … even though the [My Board] tab shows 30+ miles for this week. Hmmm. Oh, well.

    I’m super pleased by our progress today. We did great!

  • Good one!!! Rider @HorsePlay!!!

  • @HorsePlay Congrats to both of you and your progress. I concur with your statement the app is finicky. While trying to complete the mileage in a day gold badge my app got stuck at 30 miles. Rode another 4 miles that day and it never registered the additional mileage.
    Just two nights ago the app didn’t register my Night Owl run. It’s happened about 4 times now for this particular time based badge. This time I screenshot pics. I’m taking the same approach as you, hmm, oh well. It’s all for fun anyways.
    EF306168-0143-413C-9F56-B18BB128C47B.jpeg E9334B7E-2A3D-4601-A632-53051F1C10B2.jpeg F61F07A1-C31A-42EB-8B2B-433F40A2A1C2.jpeg B3F9252A-F960-44C6-BF4A-1786B69503EC.jpeg

  • @HorsePlay said in Badges - Got ’Em.... Send That Stoke Box (Everest & Mariana Trench .....):

    ,,, and should have earned [Mileage in a Week Bronze] (30+ miles in a week) but ,,,

    Got it this time! My Home page shows 33 miles for last week and 32 for this week ... I'm quite relieved that I was credited the new badge today: [Mileage in a Week Bronze]


    Awwwww, @HanahsDax ... so sorry about your Night Owl! Yep, finicky app.

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    Does the Moon actually possess such strange powers or is it all just lunacy?