Charged OW+ with XR charger by mistake

  • My daughter charged her OW+ with my XR charger by mistake and now it powers on but flashes and the motor will not activate. She is absolutely devastated because we are in South Africa and Future Motion refuse to sell any spare parts and it is no longer possible to ship the board back to USA for repairs. Onewheeling was her most favourite activity so I would really appreciate if anyone has advice on how I can fix this.

  • @Dave-Collins -- A work-around if the stock battery won't work is to bypass it and use an EGO battery instead. On my V1 I took the stock battery out of the board completely and use only the EGO battery. I have run my Onewheel Plus exclusively on an EGO battery, too.

  • @blkwalnutgrwr thanks very much for the reply. Good news update: I managed to connect the board to the app and got overcharge warning which makes sense because XR voltage is 63 volts I think and plus is only 58V. By leaving it switched on and playing with the lights a bit it eventually came down below 58 volts. And then after switching off and on again, hey presto, All good! So I assume the BMS prevents the board from activating if the voltage is out of acceptable range. End result, very happy dad and daughter can ride together again

  • @Dave-Collins
    Good news indeed, with 16 cells at the normal 58 VDC each cell should be at 3.625V and at the 63 VDC they would have seen 3.94V. So hopefully they did not get too stressed. Keep an eye on them with onewheel community app for iPhone or PONwheel for android. The EGO route works well for a Zombie Plus (if you can have 2 EGOs then it is even better)...

  • @Dave-Collins
    I did that once and got the same results you got with the "overcharge" warning. I did what you did by leaving it on for a few hours and everything returned to normal.
    What I did was to color code the charging cable and board with corresponding colored electrical tape now.

  • I suppose OW is concerned about liability for people opening up their boards and repairing themselves, but interestingly enough, I believe California just passed a bill for "right to repair" their own cars. Which means parts and specialized tools must be made available from the OEMs to the public. Hopefully consumer electronics will follow suit. I need to fix my OW, and a drone I crashed, and again, neither will sell me individual parts for me to repair it. Funny thing is that I'm a professional engineer who designs and builds electric vehicles.

    Because the BMS on my OW+ is cooked and OW won't sell me a new one, I'm designing a building my own battery with new BMS, capable of quadruple the range of the original OW+ range. 550 Wh versus the stock 130 Wh. I'll let you guys know how it goes.

  • @simmy_binker
    I believe Chibattery and JWbattery have a battery pack for the V1 and Plus that has a BMS built in and has 302 wh for sale.
    If you can get 550 wh. that would be great!
    Keep us posted.

  • @lemur yes, I'm familiar with the CHI battery. nearly bought it. and then realized that... I can do better! maybe... hopefully. could blow my feet off. one way to find out.

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