loyalty program/trade in program

  • i see that someone has mentioned a rewards program which i couldn't agree with more but to piggyback off of the idea i would like to have something along the lines as a "trade in" program. we all know that the onewheel is only going to get better especially with all of the ideas we come up with and when that new version of the onewheel does come to production i think it would be nice to have a trade in your old onewheel and have the value go towards the new one. many great things will happen with this suggestion as future motion will be getting back parts and we as loyalty members will be getting the newest upgrade of the board. perhaps future motion can come up with some type of kelly blue book or black book and justify why they think the returned board is worth such and such. obviously if we want the newest version bad enough we will just buy it but i don't think it is such a bad idea to have a trade in program. thoughts?

  • @s7evin Question is, what would FM want with our old boards? Sell them? Why not just sell it ourselves in that case?
    I can't see them wanting to strip it for parts either.

  • my initial thought was yes for the parts and doing some good by "recycling" so to speak. point taken about selling it ourselves but i was that would benefit both us the buyer (getting a new board) and future motion getting back parts.

  • I have two boards, obviously the same, but I still look at my first board as my favorite child. Like I'm riding something that should someday be in the Smithsonian. I would never willfully turn it in. That thing will be ridden til the day it dies!

  • The other problem is from what inside information I know we won't see OneWheel 2 for a few more years. Meaning about 3. By the year 2019-2020 who knows what will be happening... We could be riding a Tesla board that flies and projects a hologram of a beautiful woman. Just saying...

  • @MichaelW for president!

  • @MichaelW now that is something i would definitely buy. :)

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