Onewheel cheap mods

  • @lemur I like the green wrap-a-round version for functionality.

    I tried last summer the fix a piece of bristle style door sweep to the underside of the footpad, allowing the bristles to brush up against the tire. Didn't work very well for a couple of reasons; crumbs of debris stacked up on top of the bristles, wet or dry; in dry the bristles acted like a van de graaff generator creating static electricity, the whole board was thick with dust when I got home :) .

  • Hollow underneath! No stock battery, no stock BMS. The emptiness there adds springiness to the trailing footpad, and a lightness underfoot that feels uplifting -- to my riding style.

  • @blkwalnutgrwr
    So on your OW+ Did you cut and seal off all except the battery (+,-) to connect your EGO up to?

  • I dig that open cavity look, kinda cool with nothing there.....

  • @LidPhones -- In a word, yes, I clipped all the little BMS and taillight wires, and had an XT90 soldered in on the battery cable in place of the original connector. The first harness I did that to for my V1 had had a broken wire and an Error Code 16; for the second one for my Plus it pained me to modify an actual working harness because I could not locate another damaged one.

  • @blkwalnutgrwr ever catch the remaining rear plastic on rocks or things? I'm curious if the rear bumper could hook into something and bring you down.

  • @stinkyface -- Rarely it is that I ride around catchable obstacles, so I had not thought of the possibility -- thanks for noticing that it could happen. Maybe I could put a float plate underneath, or maybe do away with the bumper entirely. You've set me thinking...

  • @stinkyface -- Now, without the bumper to catch on anything. Thanks! (Edit: I also added a couple fat sheet metal screws up through the rails into the tail end of the footpad.)

  • My stomach clenched and dropped figuratively after a fifteen mile ride yesterday. Putting the Onewheel in the boot of the car I noticed the XT60 to XT90 adapter to the SOLE and ONLY power (the EGO battery) cocked at an odd angle. Tugging at it, the adapter broke apart easily. Oh my guts!!! Over any bump the broken solder connection could have let go, and I would have been rudely surprised and hurt on the ground. Hence the clench of my stomach just thinking about it.

    Apparently a routine tip-over cracked the solder joint. And this is not the first adapter to fail -- one was likely the cause of my fractured ribs last month. Looking closely at the broken adapters I see that NO WIRE TWIST was used with the solder -- it was just one connector directly soldered to the other -- with only the solder and the shrink wrap holding them together. Easily broken!

    Needless to say, I have now eliminated the XT60 to XT90 adapters from the set-up, going back to straight XT60s and taping them each time. The reason I had gone to XT90s was anti-spark, and a more secure connection. But the connectors on the EGOs were still XT60, so I had found adapters on ebay. Mistake! Oh! -- Be careful out there!

  • @blkwalnutgrwr Oh damn glad you caught that!
    Not exactly what I want to hear having just finished redoing my VnR setup that still has an XT90 >.>

    Shocking the solder cracked enough to come right out , I struggle a little soldering those myself so I can see why it may have happened.

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