Onewheel cheap mods

  • @blkwalnutgrwr That motor matches your rig well. @stinkyface provided inspiration for the idea with his polished hub. Glad to hear you are making good use of it. That front foot pad looks familiar also. So happy to see parts live on and continue helping a wheeler ride.

  • Hi @NotSure -- It turns out all the extra weight seems not to make any difference in the way I ride, which is mostly narrow carving on paved Greenway.

    And with no onboard battery under my trailing foot to damage, I can leave the board in the car all the time, in the hot summer and freezing winter -- not carrying it in shuttle from car-to-house.

    And if ever I run out of battery on the trail, I find a hooked stick and walk, pulling the Onewheel along -- not actually carrying it and all its weight.

    So yes, I could add the weight of a kitchen sink, or its equivalent. (The funny thing is I really considered using a scrap bathroom sink for a fender -- but the dimensions were not quite right.)

  • @blkwalnutgrwr said in Onewheel cheap mods:

    The funny thing is I really considered using a scrap bathroom sink for a fender -- but the dimensions were not quite right.

    The world needs this... Add a working bellows, a wrought-iron hook for a carbide lamp, spray paint it all bronze, and win every steampunk contest ever!

  • @NotSure -- Bellows? Almost! Had you seen my idea back in this thread of adding a clip-on battery powered fan to blow away the snow that the wheel kicks up in winter so it does not create its own snow fender?

  • @blkwalnutgrwr said in Onewheel cheap mods:

    (The extensions make mounting the board easier, too, by softening the sharp angle of repose created by the lift.)

    Oh, I love the words you chose. 'Repose' ... 'angle of repose' ... almost poetic. (Do these draw from Mechanical Engineering language?? Kinda makes sense that they should. Word pictures!!)

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    Cut-down 2x2 wood fastened inside the rails

    I think these need to be painted to look like flames ... or rocket exhaust?

    alt text

  • This post is deleted!

  • Yesterday I put the Kiil suspension on my board -- which means my wooden fender/battery platform no longer fits. So, I needed a different platform for the EGO battery, as the sole power I use. The simplest, cheapest solution was a reprise of the Johnny Appleseed stock pot fender. It covers the wheel, shocks and all, giving me a sturdy platform for the battery. And it performed well on the trail, not interfering with the vertical movement of the wheel, springs and shocks. It will, however, not be ideal in wet conditions -- I guess I cross that bridge when the rains come.

  • @blkwalnutgrwr
    I assume you're running a Plus and an external Ego battery. What I did was to use a printed XR battery box with the Plus lid and broke apart a 5 amp Ego battery and reconfigured the layout, added a14s bms, rewired the charging circuit to use the original charge port. The Ego pack was a pain to break apart, but the cell groups had tabs that I soldered together. I'm waiting for my Kiilguard 6.5 to arrive, getting excited! IMG_4402.JPG IMG_4401.JPG IMG_4400.JPG

  • @lemur -- Cheap and low tech are most of my modifications. I admire your (and Lia's) facility with the electronics and precision equipment. Besides running my Plus with an EGO 7.5 or 10.0ah, I also use the batteries in mowers, chainsaws, a string trimmer, and a power station. A heavy EGO battery atop a platform higher than the Kiil 6.5 is less than ideal for balance; I am trying to think of ways to bring it down some.

  • @blkwalnutgrwr said in Onewheel cheap mods:

    Yesterday I put the Kiil suspension on my board

    hopefully looking forward to seeing it!

  • @blkwalnutgrwr said in Onewheel cheap mods:

    I am trying to think of ways to bring it down some.

    mini trailer hitch and carriage please!

  • Weight of the 10ah EGO bear-hugged to the side of the Johnny Appleseed stock pot with a ratchet strap just above the arch of my foot. I used a spacer block under the battery resting on the stock pot handle to get the right height -- kind of similar to the position of a Flight Fin. The balance is much improved over the weight on top of the bottom of the stock pot.

    Looking up under the stock pot fender at the Kiil suspension.

    I cut an arc out of the back, blue-barrel footpad to accommodate the round stock pot edge. The sticky stuff is the adhesive from some former grip tape, and the grit was thrown up through the little bit of a gap there.

    With the Johnny Appleseed fender off.

    Not as soft and smooth a ride as I imagined it could be -- perhaps I need to learn about adjusting the shocks and spring travel. Or perhaps I ordered the stiffer set, as I was at the cusp of the weight ranges. In fifty miles or so so far, I have been able to take pavement root ridges at higher speeds without bouncing my feet out of position. Time will tell if my hip joints thank me for less jarring rides (my ankles and knees don't complain). Note: The board is nose heavy due to the absence of battery under the trailing foot.

  • @blkwalnutgrwr I love the evolution of this board.
    Any plans for the future or are the modifications an act of necessity with any given situation?

  • Hi @Lia -- The continuing change and evolution in the character of my own Onewheels is something that I, myself, enjoy too.

    In its current state I am finding myself with the urge to ride even more. After getting back from a fifteen mile ride I get the urge to go out again. Surprised and amazed at how much I like the balance of the heavy EGO 10ah battery just above my leading foot, I find my cruising speed has increased some. And while the ride is still not slushy-smooth, it must have hit an enjoyable sweet spot.

    Maybe in time I will look for a stock pot (or other cooking/baking pan) that is not quite so deep. As it is I have an unnecessary two whole inches of head room above the Kiil suspension. Other than that, I also plan practicing dismounts made more complicated with my leading foot tucked under the battery. A great method to get lots of practice is to pick up roadside trash -- stop and go, stop and go -- again and again. Too, I might add a second safety ratchet strap holding the pot down -- once in a great while a ratchet strap has loosened during a ride, although never really causing trouble.

    And by the way, your reconstructed Pint is handsomely impressive! You did a great and satisfyingly thorough job with it!

  • Another small and cheap modification to the Johnny Appleseed stock pot fender/battery holder that I added yesterday is a set of 3/4 inch black rubber shims to the rails under the back rim. Thus tipping the "hat" allows my trailing foot closer to the wheel with more room and comfort for the angle of my lower leg while riding.
    Now then, besides filling the gap in back, I will need to increase the height of the front spacer block under the battery so it doesn't pinch my arch and toes.
    Another note: The only reason the roundness of the cooking pot works at all is that I have extended rails and a narrow, smallish Hoosier 5.5 treaded tire.

  • @lemur i have a lot of ego stuff. curious what the range is compared to a stock xr battery?

  • @Swinefeaster The stock Plus is 130 wh and the Xr is 340wh. Adding a 5a Ego will give 252wh+130wh = 382 wh. Slightly more than XR range.

  • @Swinefeaster and @lemur -- With solely and only a 10ah EGO (560 watt hours) powering my Plus I can get 24-27 miles of flat pavement range. A 7.5ah EGO battery gets me 18-19 miles.

  • @blkwalnutgrwr That 10a Ego is impressive, about the same as a Jw or Chi extended battery for a XR (567wh).

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