Onewheel cheap mods

  • I have been meaning to post my cheap mod for a while. I have broken a Landsurf luggage-style handle (forget what it was called) and a Silverhandle by cutting too close to rocks, so I designed my own, very cheap handle. I actually still get these caught against stuff and eventually they rip too. But, now it only costs me 10¢ of velcro a couple times/year to replace.

    The mod is simple, put two adhesive loop squares on your rail to keep the velcro strip from moving around, then cut a 2" wide (or wider if you prefer) trip of velcro and wrap it around the rail. Now, you can pick the board up from the rail even without gloves and it is nice and comfortable.

    If you have to carry your board a really long distance, this is a comfortable place to hold the board to swing up and rest on your shoulder. Let your body take the weight, and your arm is just for balance. I have carried for over a mile this way before when I have run out of battery.

  • I usually ride without a fender but I took a page from @blkwalnutgrwr’s book and used an old bungee cord to secure my fender during today’s rain.

  • @HanahsDax -- The knot is a nice touch!

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