Quart battery mod

  • Is the quart battery for pint worth it? I've seen a couple of reviews on youtube, but they are not that thorough. If someone could tell me the pros and cons in the comments that would be great.

  • I posted this just today....


    I don't have a long term review of it but so far so good. It's a professionally packaged part. Looks just like the original OW battery, just bigger.

    I've been updating the attached reddit post with ride stats. It is everything I hoped; Easy to install, doesn't change the looks of the board, and adds lots of range to my OW Pint, especially in cold weather.

  • @RickN I have a JWbattery in my Pint and finally had a chance to take it for a ride.
    I also installed a battery meter and programmed it for 15 lithium cells.
    The route I took was flat, I weigh only 140Lbs. my Pint has a Burris slick at 16 psi.
    I rode for 17 kms , but decided to call it a day as my toes were getting numb from the cold, 6 degrees C (42 degrees F).
    My meter read 27 % @ 52.8 volts at that point. The voltage doesn't match the voltage chart provided by JWbattery. According to the chart, 52.8 volts should be 45%. My meter may be off or the chart is just a rough guide.
    With this new battery, my Pint is creeping into the low end of XR range.
    Push back is quite pronounced at the beginning of the ride, but mellowed out as power dropped a bit. Have to be aware of the changes.
    One of the best mods for the Pint, tire is next best!

  • @lemur I wonder why the pushback? I've not noticed that but I don't ride fast. FYI, I use the Elevated app setting to ride with.

  • @lemur I’ve got a theory to why pushback feels stronger, my VnR modded XR does the exact same where pushback is pretty harsh.

    As we know pushback is the board giving us a heads up it is running low on available power to keep moving at the current rate. Its an artificial reaction that uses even more power to simulate.

    On a stock config when you go as fast as you can the board cuts off before it exceeds max power of the battery. Because you’re on the cusp of what is available the pushback is pretty weak as there isn’t much headroom.

    With a modded/extra battery you actually have more current available. Because of this the pushback has way more headroom to work with and thus feels stronger. You’ll probably notice it feels like it comes on sooner too.

    The kick in the teeth is the board doesn’t know it’s got this extra current to work with so pushback isn’t offset for when it’s not needed.

  • @Lia For sure, the added current available at the start of the ride on the Chibattery/Jwbattery the pushback is harsher, but as long the rider is aware that as the battery discharges the motor has less power available to pushkack and keep you upright.

  • @lemur Sounds about right.

    Technically if we were to modify the current shunt resistor I imagine we could modify the power consumption pushback on the upgraded boards. Unsure if FM introduced other ways of monitoring power usage or fail-safes but they must all rely on some sort of shunt that we can work around.

    Got a Pint I'm repairing so might try locate the shunt (presumably on the BMS) and see what I can do. Need some rails to at least get it moving as one piece but once I'm done I'll fiddle around and find out. With any luck maybe we can push the Pint further as I imagine the limitation was purely down to the batteries being 15S1P instead of 15S2P like in the XR and not something to do with the ESC.

  • @RickN Maybe with elevated the nose is already up and your weight is centered? I've not tried elevated, but I'll give it a try.

  • @Lia Your idea sounds good!
    I've just bought a used Pint that I can use for experimenting. Hoping to add a aftermarket VESC that can handle 15 cells and up.
    I've ordered a Focer speed controller from Fungineer, but it's only recommended for 12 cell max.
    I'm sure the Pint/XR/Plus motor can be overvolted.
    I'm not the only one thinking of replacing the stock controller with a programmable one. When the new married Onewheels run out of warranty, there may be dead Onewheels "floating" 🤣around.

  • @lemur That was my thinking after getting tossed earlier trying to transition from pavement to turf last summer.

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