App (onewheel ride tracking)

  • 2 weeks in and having a blast! I am trying to figure out how to track my rides better. Or find the suggestion box to add what I would think is some pretty basic functionality (since every other app likes to track everything we do).

    It seems I have to go through the process of creating a "new ride" every time I ride, if I want to be able to see any stats from that ride. I can see the stats from the current ride as long as the board is still powered on. Once that power goes off, that ride just becomes part of my total miles.
    When I get to my destination I don't typically have time to sit and look at the ride at that time. I would like to look at the app at the end of the day and see that I did a 1.8 mile ride to work, took a 3 mile ride home, and maybe a 2 mile ride with the kids on their bikes (distance, speeds, etc.). Am I missing something or does this functionality not exist yet? Thank you!

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