Onewheel Stories

  • In September a year ago, riding my V1 on a local Northeast Ohio bike trail, an unfamiliar bicyclist and his wife, also on a bicycle, came up alongside. He was fascinated with my Onewheel and as we moved along, wheeling down the trail we conversed. At one point he said he had only ever seen one other Onewheel in his life. Curious, I asked him where and when he had seen it. He waved a hand in dismissal that it was not on this trail. "We were up in Maine, vacationing in August."

    And the strange thing is that I had been Onewheeling in Maine on a vacation of my own in August. The only two Onewheels he had ever seen were both under me, 700 miles and a month apart!

  • "What a GREAT contraption that is." ...comment about my Onewheel from a woman cyclist who, with a partner cyclist, passed me on the Greenway this morning (August 3, 2020). And my Onewheel does have the look of a contraption -- with its square wooden fender ratchet-strapped down to funky steel rails, the red and black parallel wires with yellow connectors trailing out of the fender bag which itself is held on by a scuffed-up, used black rubber bungee. But then, too, in a long approach she had watched me slaloming up the trail at nearly their speed around sticks, bumps, and puddles with balanced grace and free-spirited abandon. What a GREAT contraption it truly is!

  • @blkwalnutgrwr in a steampunk kind of way! 😆

  • "Have you had your ride today?" This is my wife's greeting to me if she has been out and just gets home.
    I have read that in China their everyday greeting translates to, "Have you had your rice today?"

    The two greetings are remarkably similar -- riding my Onewheel has become my meat and potatoes.

    (Of course, that's just figuratively, because my regular daily fare is really plant-based whole food -- in other words -- rice, grains, and vegetables.)

  • Nothing particularly amazing but a story nonetheless. Gather round everyone as I tell a tale how my unhealthy eating habits were both saved and squandered by riding my XR!

    Last week I fancied some fast food. Lockdown in the UK started up again but for the first few days it seemed my local McDonalds was still letting you enter to grab your order and go. This is great because you're not allowed to go through the drive thru without a vehicle. I've not seen a solid reason for it that would usually restrict other modes of transport that they do allow however I see their point at least. So when I pulled up last week to see nobody inside the dining area to let me in I had 2 choices. Go home and make myself food that wasn't going to satisfy my desire for fries and a vanilla milkshake oooooooooor try my luck riding through the mostly empty drive thru.

    Well you know where this is going, off I rode round and wiggled about on the sensor to make sure it knows I'm there since I can't see any camera's for them to see vehicles waiting. They take my order and I roll over to the payment window with cars behind and in front. The lady at the window was rightfully perplexed by me seemingly hovering over with my card ready and a smile tucked behind my mask. Payment goes through and off to the next window with another confused member of staff holding my food and drink. A brief exchange in niceties and off I went to get home before my well earned nummies got cold since it's below freezing now.

    So where's the issue I alluded to earlier you may ask? Well about 2 hours ago I was hungry and figured I'd have my weekly allowance. Once again the dining area is closed off so I can't go in to takeaway. Off I roll and once again jiggle in place on the sensor, through goes my order and I float in place waiting. Spotting a camera I decide to wave to it, this may have been my undoing as when I got to the window they were ready and waiting to tell me they had to unfortunately cancel my order as they cannot serve me. Having kind of expected this from day one I let them know it was no problem and I'll make my way through the exit. I can't fault them for doing their job so off I went back home. Knee's weak, arms not heavy because I'm not carrying home any dinner.

    On the flip side I passed by a local pizza place that was still letting you go in so floated on in, grabbed a nibble and went home with some foodies.

    So there you have it, my tale of fast floaty food that's going to have me needing to do a few more reps lifting my board to wear off.

  • On this particular day, this autumn, the wind was gusty, strong, and lifelike -- piling up in increasing velocities as it came across off the farm fields to the woodlands trail, nearly stopping my Onewheel in its tracks a few times. Three trees down on the trail had to be moved, each dead and about six inches in diameter. Huffing and puffing my own windstorm I wrangled each to the side of the trail. The ride rolled headfirst into a rock-n-rolling headwind, then on the way back, a lively jig to a jazzy tailwind -- and a few times coming and going gusts of dramatic cross-shears were pushing me around, making the Onewheel carve in unexpected small detours. It felt almost as adventuresome and exhilarating as Onewheeling within the grip of a snowstorm.

  • Assumptions, oh, assumptions! "You must be from California." This was a comment delivered by an older lady I passed while riding my Onewheel at a local public nature park in Northeast Ohio.

    A different lady at a different park remarked, "Well, aren't you the Man From Mars!" -- with my helmet and safety gear presenting an unusual picture for her as I passed riding my Onewheel on the woodland trail.

  • Wheel Life Stories, title of this story is “Under a cold moon lit sky.”

    I got called into work for an after hours emergency. Water leaking from ceiling on a ground level unit with two units above. I told my wife the night before I would take a night off and not collect another Night Owl badge so we could get a full night’s rest without any disturbance. Little did I know.

    Responded to call to find an ice maker leaking from the top floor. Funny how the wealthy need a designated appliance to perform the same function as most standard refrigerator/freezer produce. In any case, any incident that could cause damage to multiple units or the common element is nothing I can ignore and just go back to sleep. I investigated, identified and isolated source. Then headed home.

    Got home and was slightly restless due to being activated into emergency mode. Best way to relax and calm my ass down, go for a ride.

    33431027-5D29-4938-9F16-0D84C71B6F79.png CD56E344-D18B-4FD8-BAE4-F6C466FE745F.png 3EAE3B44-3D78-47D3-8106-385DA2EC3737.jpeg

  • In serendipitous happenstance I stumbled into the newest official Onewheel dealer in Ohio -- right on my favorite rails-to-trails. This weekend I had noticed a new bike shop, so today I took my sister's bike in for a spring tune-up. And there, sitting pretty on the countertop of the Bonsai Bike Shop was a brand new Onewheel Pint! The shop is so new that the number on the tune-up invoice was #000001 -- the very first!

  • Dec 31, 2020: Hubby and I took our boards for a small lake loop. This was my first ride in a public space and I was looking forward to reaching my first milestone: 10 miles on the board.

    We had passed and exchanged comments with many people along the short loop ... but my favorite was from a little girl, perhaps 6 years old: "Girls can ride those, too??" Her voice was filled with surprise, wonder and a good measure of disbelief ... as if someone had informed her otherwise.

    It wasn't really directed at me ... but I tried to offer a quick word of encouragement while riding past her. (So sorry she couldn't see my smile behind my mask.)

  • @HorsePlay I always get a little heart broken hearing young girls think they can't do something like this. Glad you could be an inspiration to her :)

  • @HorsePlay @Lia my daughter's 9 and she's killing it on a onewheel (and even more on a snowboard!). she even broke her arm on the onewheel in May, but yeah still at it.

  • @Swinefeaster Minus the breaking an arm that's what I like to hear :)
    Tough little one you've got. I don't think I'd deal with a broken arm too well even though I'm 25 >.>

  • Been one of those odd days where everyone seemed to have plucked up the courage to talk to me today when out shopping.

    Right off the gate before entering the store the security guy came over to have a chat. Paraphrased he said that even with the hundreds to thousands of faces he see's come and go I'm one of like 3 people he remembers mostly because of the Onewheel that I ride there and bring into the store. The board is notable enough that he's gone on Youtube a few times to show his wife what it is since she didn't believe it could only have a single wheel.

    Not long after that while looking for where they'd hid the Pepsi another dude came over and did the usual asking what it is, how it works and is it even legal. The trifecta of questions I have come to expect. Usually these chats fizzle out after that but this carried on till they asked if I happened to have ridden it a few miles away at another location a year or so ago. I knew it was more than likely me since there are almost no riders in my area. A quick look at my photos and sure enough I had ridden around the location in the same period of time the guy remembered. It's amusing to think I cause such a stir in my county that me riding around can stick in peoples memory.

    At checkout I tend to strike up a conversation with the person scanning my items. It didn't take long for them to bring up the Onewheel sitting happily in the trolley with my cat ear helmet. Little did I know he too had seen me riding around another location albeit more recently and was happy to be able to chat since they didn't get a chance to grab my attention the first time around.

    Kind of humbling when this happens. Doesn't happen too often so having 3 instances within the span of an hour was fun. Also nice to know I still stick out like a sore thumb, haven't this level of notoriety since I was in my last years of school.

  • @Lia said in Onewheel Stories:

    haven't this level of notoriety since I was in my last years of school.

    Should we tug on that thread or simply leave it be ... ?

    Love the image of your OW and cat-ear helmet in the shopping cart (aka trolley)! Also love how we use the photo library on our phones to determine where we were on a given date. Or, conversely, to answer the argument of when did we go to a certain place. Where would we be today without our multi-purpose devices?

    Did you find your Pepsi?

  • @Lia said in Onewheel Stories:

    what it is, how it works and is it even legal. The trifecta of questions

    I usually get the first 2, followed by "how much does it cost?" . . . immediately followed by an audible gasp!

  • @HorsePlay Nothing terrible. I used to wear a fox hoodie round school. Since there was a uniform for all years below and my year having to wear "smart casual" I was easy to pick out being fluorescent orange among dark green blazers and black/white tops. Still not sure how I got away with it for those 2 years. Was widely known throughout the school as just "The fox". Embarrassingly enough when walking the tail would swish side to side >.>

    Helmet is great, I mostly wear it for the look than safety (don't tell the gear police) and during winter it stops my face freezing. No idea if I'll melt in it during the summer. Found the Pepsi too in the end too which was a bonus :)

    @OneDan Aha that sounds about right. I do sometimes get asked cost and likewise get very one sided responses. Usually mentioning the Pint first helps ease them into it...

  • @OneDan said in Onewheel Stories:

    I usually get the first 2, followed by "how much does it cost?" . . . immediately followed by an audible gasp!

    I've been sidestepping the cost question by directing the conversation, in that moment, to a local rental company. That makes the conversation so much easier: "Rent one ... it comes with a lesson!" :)

    Edited to add: That said, if I had rented one ... I would have never purchased one. It took me weeks to really 'enjoy' the ride.

  • @Lia said in Onewheel Stories:


    And I thought you were normal...

  • Was riding up the street yesterday and passed by a group of landscapers doing their thing. It's a bit of a long incline, so I was just casually riding up the hill gingerly. As I'm riding by them, I hear what sounds like the loud rumbling of a commercial lawnmower directly on my tail. I look off to my side and there is one of them riding along side of me with a big smile on his face. I also grinned widely as I suddenly found myself sharing my very first group ride with some dude on a lawnmower. It was fun! Funniest part was when I did a bit of a pirouette/hard toe side turn in the driveway of the home they were working, and he responded with his own 360. We laughed.

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