Onewheel Stories

  • @NotSure Group ride with a lawnmower is going on the list of things I need to do now

  • Hubby gloated last night over his OW ride at a customer facility during the day. The site is large ... and he had secured a coveted parking space near the work area just before dawn. Mid-day he needed to run paperwork to the admin office about 2 miles away. Move his truck? No way. Walk? Most do ... but ... but ... yippie! He had both his OW and helmet in his truck!

    He kept pace with an employee's golf-cart as he disciplined himself to obey the 10MPH on-site speed limit. The cart driver struck up a conversation as they cruised up a hill, side-by-side. By the time he reached the admin office, folks were swarming him for info about the 'hoverboard.'

    He laughed. Usually getting paperwork through the admin office is a major pain. Nobody appears to care or take interest. Yesterday? He had flocks of 'interested' people and his paperwork sailed through once he had satisfied their questions about the board. ("Focus, people! Paperwork. This is just my ride. Yes, they are fun. Yes, they are useful. Yes, you can get one, too!")

    Float on ... and later gloat on ... :)

  • @NotSure Hah, that's awesome.

  • The Goose Shit Slalom is great training!! It can also be messy (use a fender) and dangerous.

    Sandpoint city beach paths get some serious shit spackeling so thick you can't avoid it. I was ripping a 'shit slalom run there last year, quick turns at maybe 5-6 mph to avoid the cleaning, but turned so sharp and fast the board turned right out from underneath me and shot off into the sand. It spun me around and the 1st thing that hit the pavement was the back of my helmet!! I crawled to a nearby bench to gather what few wits weren't knocked out of me. Minor concussion with the helmet. I was fully padded, none of which touched the pavement, would not have gotten up w/out the bucket.

    I still do the shit slalom but I'm way more cautious.

  • @b0ardski , I’m so glad you were wearing the helmet!!

  • Yesterday, Ruth Anne asked me, "How old were you when you finally felt like a grown-up?"

    After a pause I looked at her and said, "Ruth Anne! ...I ride a Onewheel."

  • @blkwalnutgrwr said in Onewheel Stories:

    finally felt like a grown-up?"

    That is awesome! :)

    Similar, or possibly inverted, comment thrown at us this morning after church: "Looks like the kids are back in school!"

    Backstory: Our church meets at the local school (K-12, one small campus). Our space is not entirely dedicated ... so we tend to lug quite a bit of personal equipment back and forth from home to make it all work. Seems my husband and I take ~5 trips each between car and classroom both in set-up and break-down.

    Today, while zipping about the external hallways using our OWs... we gained more attention than normal ... earning us the comment/observations, "Looks like the kids are back in school."

    Hey, we just want to make the work faster, easier and more fun ... right?

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