Reviving a destroyed Pint

  • Hi all,

    Recently I've become the owner of a Pint that got snapped in half after a hit and run incident here in the UK. Here's some pics the rider took after the incident.
    The owner thankfully wasn't injured however due to legal complications with the OW being used here the police advised not to pursue a case; even though they managed to get the plate before they bailed. For those interested in pics and the post here are the links.
    Reddit post
    More images

    Unfortunately they had binned the destroyed parts and I was sent the wheel, controller and battery with the rail mounts for the axle. I was hoping to keep the rails as a memento to what the poor thing had gone through but I'll focus on bringing it back to working order before working on any tributes.

    Anyway, she arrived the other day and I've been cleaning the oil off her from the van. There is a lot of damage but electronically she looks fine having taken a closer look. Was a little concerned before purchasing and due to the distance between us and Covid it wouldn't have been sensible for me to see it in person. Risky but I trusted them that the info was accurate.

    Damage appears to be the battery communication connector had snapped it's clip off when the whole cable got yanked through the watertight sleeve. When the XT60 got tugged it yanked the power button connector apart and bent the leftover pins to the point they fell off after closer inspection.
    As usual the power button nut is loose and the plastic thread has snapped.
    When the xt60 reached the watertight sleeve it pulled out a thread one side causing the whole thing to become cross threaded making in difficult to undo without that large adjustable spanner. Being plastic it took a bit of careful jiggling before undoing it without demolishing the head.

    Battery appears to be fine though from what I can see. It's off so I assume when the cabled got yanked the battery went into auto shutdown some time after the accident.

    Unfortunately all of the mounting posts on the controller are completely destroyed and missing so even with new rails she won't connect to anything. One corner on the controller housing has snapped off also exposing the gasket.
    On further inspection the lower metal housing on the controller is bent opening up the seal where the LED's are exposing the gasket and an opening.

    The hub also sustained a scrape but for the most part it looks like the hub's structural integrity has been retained. Pressure is still present so we should be good, just needs a bit of paint.

    After all that though, I can confirm when bypassing the busted power switch I can turn her on and off. No errors upon turning on and connecting to the app, motor maintains holding torque too once connected. Both front and rear LEDs glow and I would imagine if I short both left and right pad sensor pins to ground I could get her to spin up. Voltage entering the controller was 60v so looks like this little Pint wasn't far from home when things took a turn for the worst.

    So my question now is.... where can I buy some rails, bolts and maybe even the lower controller housing? Being in the UK shipping might be an issue and I'm not looking to break the bank this early after Christmas D:
    I'm willing to just DIY it and and give this pint a new life as something a little different but that kind of feels wrong.

    I'll keep you all posted on this Pint's recovery. Any suggestions on part availability or if anyone is parting a board out give me a poke.

  • I would look into using JBWeld to re-make the controller housing box. I would think about putting in new threaded inserts in there before you start, so the screws can grip nicely. An alternative would be to put the screws in there before you JBWeld, then take them out before it sets. But, I would think my first approach better.

    Since everything might not fit perfectly snug, I would suggest keeping the gasket, but also using 100% pure silicone around the controller box when you reseal it.

    As for the missing parts, there are a number of people who part out boards on Reddit and FB, try posting there.

  • Intensive caring @Lia, my take is put the controller above the wheel on a box fender after you find some rails, and build a platform for your front footpad. Not as pretty as some solutions, though effective.

  • @Lia lots of ideas on the twowheel thread! You have half the parts already...

  • @biell Sounds like some solid advice. Not on FB but will hit up a few places and see what's available once things have settled down a bit.

    @blkwalnutgrwr Could work, would need to make sure it's perfectly parallel with the boards level so it doesn't think it's too tail or nose heavy at any given time. Will try repair the casing's integrity first though then look at alternative solutions. The area's that are vulnerable don't appear that bad but the dunk test will answer that once I've tried sealing it.

    @stinkyface It is tempting indeed. I'll certainly try putting the motor on something else for sure just to see what it's like.
    Had this planned out in CAD for another project I think I hinted at in that thread.
    Have yet to actually begin fabrication as it's still just 3d printed test pieces. Shouldn't be hard to try putting the Pint motor on the back and ditch the suspension. Could probably even remove the front steering and rely on the pint tyre to keep the board stable instead.

    Many thanks for all the input so far :)

  • Been scouring the web for some rails for a bit and have yet to get a nibble on some rails. Seeing as the longer a project sits the more likely it is to remain that way (past experience lol) I'm going with the option of temporarily modelling the rails so I can at least get it all in one piece to test on the bench without resorting to clamping the hub axle to my bench.

    Looking for some accurate dimensions so I can CAD something up and print off. Thoughts?
    Pint rail dimensions

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