Reviving a destroyed Pint

  • @Lia You should definitely get the “Badass/Genius” badge for this achievement. This project has been fun to watch.

  • @blkwalnutgrwr @HanahsDax Glad it's fun to follow along :)
    Hopefully going to get more done tomorrow and maybe spin up the motor for the first time (without it detonating like last time).

  • Did lots more testing today. 2 steps forward one step back sort of deal though.

    I have managed to replace the power button with one that is operated by magic!

    Okay it's not Magic, it's a magnet. More specifically a reed switch replacing the stock switch with a magnet hidden underneath the OW logo on my gloves.

    Why did I do this? I have no idea but I did it and it works!
    On the plus side it were to ever break it's not like there is any large metal attached to it that could bash the PCB >.>


    Now onto if the board actually works...
    Well Yes But Actually No.png

    The board does and sort of doesn't work. It'll turn on, boot correctly and if I bypass the footpad I can prime the board. I can even get it to move BUT.... oh my god the noise that comes from that poor motor!

    Typically noise like that on the Onewheel is a loose hub bolt. I can assure you these are cranked down so I don't think it's that. It could possibly be the controller/battery wiggling around as those are still press fit into the rails.

    Assuming it's not that it seems like I'll be taking the motor apart, I have 3 suspects as to what's causing the noise. In order of what I think is most likely:

    1. Bad bearing(s). Considering the absolute state of the hub I wouldn't hesitate to suspect one of the bearings has died. The fact that when pressure is taken off the left side it gets quieter leads me to believe the right bearing might be shot. It does spin cleanly though so I have doubts.
    2. Damaged cabling between the controller and motor hub. I think the 3 main wires that control the 3 poles are fine but I wonder if maybe one of the sensor wires could be damaged and thus it cannot perfectly locate what position the motor is in which could lead to vibrations as it bounce back and forth between the unknown positions.
    3. Faulty Hall sensor. If one of the sensors has died then the same theory from #2 applies as these actually read what position rotationally the motor is in.

    I don't suspect the controller electronics. If it had a fault I'm sure it would have manifested itself in earlier testing.

    Regardless of that, congratulations Pint OW131223 for "passing" your first test ride on the road to recovery.

  • @Lia said in Reviving a destroyed Pint:

    a reed switch replacing the stock switch with a magnet hidden underneath the OW logo on my gloves

    You've discovered the solution for someone hopping on our boards and taking off! Let them get up to speed, then shut it down!!! @Lia, you should repost this on the theft prevention thread . . . :D

  • @OneDan Good idea, I'll finish up the designs for the printed parts and add a post there.

    It's unbelievably simple to do. Just the switch alone and some silicone around it would suffice if looks weren't a factor.

  • @Lia sounds like an old vacuum but it works! Very cool.

  • @NotSure Not a happy noise at all. I'm sure it's something simple though, just got to find the cause.

  • @Lia -- Sounds to my damaged ears like the rapid, flutter vibrations of a buzzer. To my eyes it looked like the buzzer noise only occurred while moving -- not just standing still. Interesting puzzle. Good luck with it!

  • @blkwalnutgrwr Sounds much worse in person I assure you lol. The video doesn't quite capture just how loud it actually is!
    Like you say it occurs only under certain circumstances but how it manifests doesn't narrow it down too much.

    Will give an update once I've found the issue :)

  • I'm in!

    Holy crap that hub was hard to take apart. It was pretty tight but I eventually managed to break it lose after plenty of oil and destroying a few bits of spare wood to act as a dampener when hammering the axle out. Once whatever was stuck came loose I was able to push it through all the way with just my thumbs.

    Looks like one bearing is utterly shot. It's got loads of play in it, enough that I can wobble the plate against the axle with the bearing seal being the bit that moves. Trouble is it won't come off. Since it's 6PM I'll hold off bringing out the big guns to rip it off but tomorrow it's coming off!
    The scrapes on the hub wasn't me, that was the Van! Same side as the suspected dodgy bearing so makes sense.

    Under close inspection it looks like there is some corrosion on one of the stator cores along with matching rust blobs on some of the magnets within the hub. Doesn't bother me too much as I'll just clean it off. Outside of that I think this might be a simple bearing swap... I hope.

    Any recommendations on new bearings? Obvious choice seems to be Craft&Ride but curious if anyone has a special brand they use instead?

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