Reviving a destroyed Pint

  • @Sirgu Thanks :) Glad it's interesting. I hope it'll be useful to anyone else repairing a Pint in the future.
    Once MyMiniFactory has finished checking the files I'm planning on releasing the lower controller housing for others to download and print. I imagine the DIY community will make good use of it.

    Good call on the guides and jigs. I was tempted to make yet another 3d printed jig for these seeing as I've now gone through 4 lengths of U-channel but told myself I'd totally not mess it up this time >.> Was convinced the deep centre punch I did for each was enough.

    I might still opt for a pillar drill, there are a few one on eBay that look okay, nothing exotic and look simple enough to dial in if there is any play. I like the ease of these over a jig but I'll see if things change as I think about it over the coming days while I weigh up what is left for spending.
    I could find a spot for it but eventually I'll run low on space in the spareroom workshop.

  • @Lia lol that really is quite the trophy! glub glub

  • That's some good looking workshop right there! You sure will figure out a place for it.

    No wonder you've got surveillance camera peeking over the settlement of machines.

  • @Lia i was wondering if it were possible to swap the pint controller for an xr? It would need a quart mod i suppose. Would it be possible to use the stock xr battery somehow?'

    I wonder if anyone ever tried that before? If not, it's kinda right up ur alley skill-wise, and u technically have all the parts.

  • @NotSure I'm not sure it is. At least not a 1:1 swap since I imagine the communication between the 2 wouldn't line up without some tweaking somewhere.

    Would the goal be to get XR specs in a Pint package?

    Personally I'd love to get my hands on one of these before attempting anything like that ;)
    (From Adam Savage's trip to FM's factory featuring Kyle. It's how they test and program the controllers)
    I love Adam's energy in this and how Kyle reciprocates it back, just a joy to watch.

  • @NotSure -- Aren't the 'growler' and 'prowler' mods mixing and matching Pint and XR parts?

  • @blkwalnutgrwr said in Reviving a destroyed Pint:

    @NotSure -- Aren't the 'growler' and 'prowler' mods mixing and matching Pint and XR parts?

    I have zero idea. I'm still a bit new to the 3rd party accessory market.

    @Lia yeah XR stats in a Pint package sounds pretty sweet. If I could swap form factors easily, I probably would.

    Although riding on the beach has been fun. Gotta thank that beachball-sized Vega for that.

  • Took the Pint out for it's first field test (literally). Haven't made the decorative float plate to cover the bare aluminium rails however I'm almost tempted to keep it that way.... almost tempted...

    Anyway here are some pics of how that went :)



    Managed to run the battery down all the way with the controller temps never reaching above 32c (was 22c outside at the time) so I call that a success.

  • @Lia this is meant to be a compliment, it looks stock! Looking fwd to seeing you add more of that Lia flair!

  • @stinkyface Thanks :) Tried to keep it as true to stock as I could with only minor tweaks so glad it shows.

    Shame I couldn’t adjust the charge port easily else I’d have had completely smooth rails.

  • @Lia said in Reviving a destroyed Pint:

    so I call that a success.

    me too! great thread

  • Amazing road to recovery!

    @Lia Will this magnet-magic operated power button function if ever you additionally apply some other materials onto those smooth bare rails?

  • @SirguIt Cheers :)
    The reed switch still works at a decent distance so I'll be able to put the extra 3mm worth of float plate on top. I ended up swapping the door reed sensor for the bare component which was much more sensitive so worked at a greater distance and allows me to just wave my hand along the rail to activate/ deactivate.

    Working on putting one in the XR but have yet to verify that it doesn't somehow pickup any magnetic noise within the controller and turn off mid-ride lol.

  • Still waiting for MMF to scan the files for the controller housing. Contacted them to see if its just stuck so in the meantime anyone that wants it here it is :)
    Onewheel Pint Lower Controller Housing.jpg

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