Los Angeles Riders?

  • @MichaelW @818 Bummer I couldn't join you guys today. Had to run some errands at 9am but squeezed in a ride at Griffith Park before then.

    The Onewheel had no problems with the uphill. Mostly paved road with a little bit of dirt road.

    Filled my tire to 22 psi, and switched to Incline mode. According to my Onewheel's odometer it was a 4 mile uphill climb and 4 mile back down.

    I used up about 70% battery power going uphill, and thankfully the regenerative braking really did work going downhill, as it only used about 10% of the battery.

    Down hill was REALLY fun. Carving most of the way down, dodging potholes. :) Beautiful view too.

    Hope I can join you guys next week.

  • @818 said:

    @MichaelW ๐Ÿ‘Œnice meeting you dude.

    Yeah today was a blast. Great spot, and we can find many others to rip up like today!

    It was great seeing someone else on a board (first-time)! Having a couple more people with boards could take this to another level. For instance kart style courses, beach runs n maybe drag racing...๐Ÿ˜†

    Hells 1wheel Angeles it is!

    Def have to join you one of these weekend when I'm in LA!

  • @Wayne I've done Griffith once before and it sure was a cool spot, all the bikers kept commenting and I met a few cool people.

    And yes you better make it out next time!

  • @818 @Wayne Lets meet this Sunday guys! After 1:00 works good for me! Let me know people!!

  • I just bought a board used, because I couldn't take the wait.

    I need some time to get practice riding and get comfortable on it, as well as finishing some personal stuff over the next few weeks, but I will be joining you guys in late August for sure!

    @Wayne - where was this Griffith ride? And where did you park? That ride sounds sick as hell!

    Maybe it would be a good idea to find a way to share ride locations? It would be awesome if that was built into the app... sort of like mapmyride for onewheel, with the added benefit of tagging parking and charging locations (for longer rides).

  • Looks like we may do a Saturday after all... Who's up for it @818 @Wayne Anyone else?

  • @Willy new guy may not have seen this thread yet

  • I'm so jealous that I live in (far and rainy) Belgium!! :smiley:

  • @hdiesel The location in Griffith Park I went to last weekend started at Commonwealth Ave off Los Feliz Blvd and ended at the illegally built but awesome Griffith Park Tea House.

    Here's the trail I took on Google maps:

    And here's an article on the Tea house if you're interested:

    The trail is mostly paved and uphill. On my Onewheel, I made it all the way up to the steeper dirt trail just after Mt Hollywood Dr that leads to the tea house, but with 30% battery left I worry about the return trip and decided to strap my Onewheel to my backpack for the last part of the trail. From the Tea house back down hill, I rode my Onewheel all the way, even on the steeper dirt trail near the tea house. That only used about 10-15% battery thanks to the downhill and regenerative braking.

    Aside from worrying about the battery (which I hope the AC inverter I just ordered will take care of), it was a fun ride! Carving downhill 4 miles returning to my car was the best. Its a beautiful view. Even rode past two deer. :)


    IMG_3728 (2).JPG


    Next time I'm up there I want to try find the old original and now abandoned LA Zoo in Griffith Park. :)

  • @Wayne nice article, I was up there today for a few hours, very fun place to ride!

    On another note, me and @MichaelW are planning on meeting @ Franklin Canyon Park between Beverly Hills and Studio City. Tomorrow approximately 5:30pm-7ish

    Anyone else down to to make it a tri-wheel ride!?

  • @818 said:

    On another note, me and @MichaelW are planning on meeting @ Franklin Canyon Park between Beverly Hills and Studio City. Tomorrow approximately 5:30pm-7ish

    Hey @818 ,
    I might be able to go at that time. :) Where in Franklin Canyon Park are you guys meeting? I'll text @MichaelW when it gets closer to 5pm if I can make it.

  • Great! Let's all meet at the end of the park, Wayne sounds like you've been there?

    Parking lot all the way down rear where the road ends by large water reserve. Once I'm there I'll share my exact location. It's a pretty big park.

  • @818 Actually I've never been there before. Yes, please send me your location when you're there. Thanks!

  • Los Angles OneWheel riders unite!! @818 @Willy @Wayne @hdiesel

    FullSizeRender 4.jpg

  • @MichaelW :metal:

  • @818 That was a fun ride yesterday! Great spot!

    And looks like a nice spot to hike too. I hope a backpack from @Future-motion is in the works. :D That steep switchback we rode half way up would be a nice place to alternate between riding and hiking.

  • @818 @Wayne @hdiesel We need to get another group together soon! Anyone up for a ride next weekend? I rode 6 hours today. Charged two boards twice and ran them both all the way out. I'm a tired old man!

  • I'm down for that.

    I've been eyeing the bike path down the LA river, have you guys done that trail a bunch? too boring?

    I wish there were more boards LA for rent, to take friends on trips. I dont want to own more than 2 boards full-time, and I doubt any private owners want to lend them out.

  • Hey guys I live in Glendale here is my cell. I would love be to ride with you guys. Rico (209)518-3922

  • Ok! Our second official meeting for LA Riders is this Saturday at 4:00! Who can make it? Hit me up with an instant message. We are meeting at Santa Monica Pier.

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