Pint error code 15

  • Both of my Pints are throwing fault code 15 and wont turn on. Started with one yesterday and when to turn on the other one and it also started blinking yellow 15 times in a cycle. checked the footpad sensors with a mutimeter and they seem to be functioning fine. perplexed on this one, both in one day, weird! any ideas, maybe a reset? just not sure how.

  • @joshgrn According to FM's documentation Error code 15 for the Pint is the footpad was pressed upon being powered up

    When you tested your pads with a multimeter what were you seeing?
    Pad 1 and 2 should be open when probed between either of them and ground. With pressure applied you should see a closed circuit.

    One thing worth trying might be to remove the pad entirely and power up the board. Then connect the app and see if the error is still present?

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