Dead project and dead community?

  • What are your thoughts? Last announcement was in 2018. No firmware updates since. No new boards. Pretty much all I see in General anymore is people selling their boards.

    Speaking of, can there be a for sale/trade section to clean up General section?

  • @Ramphex Agreed, @tompeter should have its own thread. Not sure on the dead community. I’ve never been a big social media person but I believe this forum offers valuable info even if @Future-Motion has decided to abandon it.

  • maybe everyone's too busy out riding?

  • Not sure about it being a dead project but your suspicions aren't without merit. I'd love to see FM more active here.

    I feel this forum back when the Onewheel was in early development was at it's best. It was a small and easy way for other riders to communicate and for FM to address their most loyal customers. Now that FM has grown they need to be on other platforms to reach riders and potential customers. Unfortunately I can see this making posting here seeming almost pointless :(

    To be honest I find the forum itself useful though even in it's current state and hope it sticks around. I'm on reddit too but I find here is a bit easier to handle and everyone seems more genuine albeit lacking engagement for the most part.

  • Yeah there’s definitely useful info on here but I feel like it’s all threads from years ago. For example the General section is pretty much nothing but people selling stuff.

  • @Ramphex Agreed, a lot of the old posts are gems. What sort of topics would you like to see more of out of curiosity?

    I really enjoy seeing posts in @LidPhones's topic "In the wild photos" and would be interested to see more stories from others in @blkwalnutgrwr's topic "Onewheel stories". Personally I'd like to see more technical topics too. Mods, teardowns and in-depth repair guides for the simple and big problems that can occur when we inevitably push them too far (wherever that line is).

  • To stay in the swim of recent activity I click on the little clock icon near the top of the page.
    Active threads with many posts and views in the past year have been:
    "In the Wild, Photo Share..."
    "Watching Action on the Leaderboards"
    "Wintertime Photo Thread"
    And I think "Onewheel Cheap Mods" has technical promise as a long and interesting thread, especially if we expand 'cheap' to include all 'do-it-yourself' mods and experiments.

  • Forum not dead yet! 😆

  • I guess I was a bit vague about what I meant initially. It was more geared towards the project itself, news, updates, etc from the creators, future motion side of things. Do they even visit their own forums lol

  • @Ramphex from what i've seen, i don't think they do. : \

  • @Ramphex According to their profiles they've been logging into the site but no activity for a while :(
    The "Future Motion" account last logged in November and the "Onewheel Support" account logged in 6 days ago.

  • Kind of unfortunate. Hopefully someone else buys out the company and continues the project. Would love to see some competing devices from Xiaomi or Segway

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