Crash... What did I do wrong

  • @JxRYE pint or xr?

  • @JxRYE said in Crash... What did I do wrong:

    nce I got the board I sometimes have issues getting it to start/engage. I turn the board a

    the footpad sensors are only used when riding super super slow (< 1 mph or something). once you are riding, the footpad sensors are completely ignored and it relies on the gyro.

    could be a bad controller or something weird though, but i don't think it would be the sensor pads.

  • @Lia After the accident the front right part of the board is scratched and the tape is coming up, to the point that I can now see the sensor. Before that, there was nothing wrong with the pad (at least visibly).

  • @JxRYE Which model OW do you have? What was the temperature while riding?

  • @Swinefeaster Disengaging both pads powers off the motor from my experience at any speed, presumably as a sort of deadman's switch to prevent bailed boards taking off into the sunset. As you've said below 1mph only one side needs to be disengaged to power off the motor. When I had a faulty sensor connector this was the bane of my existence lol.

    Doesn't quite explain why the board then took off after mind you. I suspect the pads still but that would imply it failed to register the pads, nosedived, then incorrectly registered something on the pads while still moving and carried on. Controller failure could be the answer but seems odd and certainly not a simple fix.

    @JxRYE Have FM gotten back to you yet on this case? Part of my sensor is exposed due to griptape wear but I've not had issues myself. That said your board did this before any damage so I imagine the issue may re-occur. Having FM at least remotely diagnose the board and verify the ride conditions may reveal the issue.

  • @RickN I live in Central Florida and it was beautiful out (mid 60's)

  • @Lia I emailed FM yesterday. I am at work so tough to call during the day. I am going to try them when I get off if they have not responded. Scraped up my knee and a bit tough to walk at the moment, but I miss my board already!

  • @JxRYE some guys have had this after changing the grip on the sensor, but I don't think that's where you are.

  • @stinkyface Correct. I have only had the board a month. The board is still stock. I called last night after work (5 est). FM rep apologized and said they were looking at my ticket and would get right back to me. I have not heard back yet.

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