Surfwheel R1 make over

  • This post is not related to Onewheels except the use of a Pint tire
    This is just for general info and I posted on Facebook "Diy Onewheel"

    Surfwheel R1 makeover
    I bought R1 as a curiosity piece since I already have a couple of Onewheels. It was cheap on Ebay.
    The Surfwheel is almost unrideable due to the solid rubber wheel and what I believe is a modified electric unicycle speed controller.
    This is my makeover:
    -Stripped off extra pieces
    -Cut off solid rubber tire
    -Onewheel Pint tire (10.5x4.5x6) fits over the bare motor hub and width looked ok
    -Machined flanges, drilled and tapped motor hub for 6 10x24 screws
    -Used a 3.5x6 inner tube and hoped for the best. Seems to be fine

    • Used 1/4 inch spacers under "u" shaped motor hub axle mounts to widen the rails to Onewheel Pint width
      -Made abs bottom plates and top aluminum plates with "speed holes" (each hole is worth a couple of kms of added speed)😂
      -Cut down a rear footpad from a Onewheel Xr to fit
      -Went for a test ride and the pneumatic tire completely changed the R1, it can actually turn and carve like a Pint.
      -The controller is iffy at best, hard to mount, hard to dismount ( have to drop it on its side)
      -Unfortunately yesterday I let the "magic smoke" escape the speed controller probing for a 5 volt source 😢
      -Ordered a Fungineer controller and chances of finding a Surfwheel
      controller is next to impossible.
      I will finish the project when the Fungineer controller arrives.

  • @lemur -- An amazing project!

  • @lemur
    While waiting for cheapFocer vesc from Funingeer, I set up the modified Surfwheel to run on a hoverboard controller configured to run one motor.
    The result was a disappointment as the board's nose was pointed down all the time.
    Still no cheapFocer after a month, so I got a Tramps 6MK4 vesc. It took almost a week to configure the vesc to to ride decently.
    I posted a ride video on Facebook "Diy onewheel builders". I was riding slow in the video as it was a matter of trust in the last vesc configuration.
    The green circuit board is the hoverboard controller.
    IMG_3909.JPG IMG_3910.jpg IMG_3937[1].jpg

  • @lemur Nicely done, looks promising so far.

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