"Guess what is this" contest, but no prize.**Answer now posted**

  • I have a item that this community may want to guess its' purpose.
    -It's for a Pint equipped with an aftermarket accessory
    -It has dual purpose
    -Made of stainless steel
    -No dimensions, you will have to determine that for yourselves

    I won't answer questions and will only reply to the right guess
    Just to mind phuc with you, the size of the item can be determined by comparing it to the 1/4 scale XR.

    Winning guess can claim bragging rights and blessings from the "no nosedive gods". Haha
    I will reveal what this item is sometime in the next few days.

  • The contest idea is great! It's got me wondering. And I am intrigued by the "1/4 scale XR."

  • damn, i have my thinking cap on, but so far not coming up with anything...

  • My guess is, its an add on to a stand that doubles as a socket driver. Like maybe it protects the wooden CnR OG Stand from water and muck and you can stick a t20 socket on that 1/8 inch drive

  • @lemur Here's a final clue:
    -Pint float plate

    This clue should trigger something

  • @lemur I'm guessing that end of the sheet metal without the welded bit slides between the rail and float plate.

    The welded bit is what's really confusing me, have you built something that mounts to it like a camera mounted to an extension that you can just slot on?

  • @Lia oooh, a camera mount - that's a good thought. although you'd have to be very comfortable with the added need for clearance so you don't go snagging it on anything, if that's what it is.

  • It's a mount for a cargo rack. Like a Thule for your Onewheel. Also a spatula.

  • My guess is a snow plow -- with a mount for a cable winch.

  • @lemur Thanks for all the guesses.
    Here's the items' purpose.
    The aftermarket Pint float plate has a handgrip cutout and unless you have eagle talons for fingers it's next to impossible to use.
    It's not practical to permanently attach this item as it may interfere with curb nudges, so it's just a handle to carry the Pint in crowded areas.
    The 1/4 inch bit diver can be used as a screwdriver.
    Feel free to copy this design.

  • @blkwalnutgrwr I built this 1/4 scale from stuff I had laying around.

    • Aluminum rails.
      -The tire is from a 1/10 RC buggy with the knobs sanded off.
      -The hub is two piece machined aluminum with small allen screws.
      -Small ball bearings in the hub.
      -Carbon fiber float plates and sandpaper for griptape.
    • Decals are hand cut.

  • @lemur ahh, so clever! your scaling really threw me off.

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