when off or dead batt ,does this roll down a hill ??

  • I don't have one yet but was curious how it works when completely dead ?? I have browsed most posts on here and have not seen this question yet .

  • Yep, it rolls!

  • I'd add that it rolls, when it is turned off or if the battery is at 0%.

    However, if the battery is just very low and it is turned on, it wont move.

  • uh - yes it rolls, but it doesn't balance...

  • I've had a low battery warning pushback once,during a downhill and I had to stop....the board was out of control...😨

  • If you haven't gotten it already, it rolls.

  • Like @Bart said...It will roll but that wont even matter because you wont be able to balance.

  • @SC720 what will make it so that you can't balence?

  • @mranderson If the battery is out of juice or if its turned off,
    Only when its turned on it will balance

  • @mranderson Yeah, you need power for the board to self balance. Its not realistic to be able to roll down a hill with the board off and be able to balance on your own.

  • @mranderson If you're looking for something non-motorized that you can ride down a hill, just get a skateboard.

  • Here is the deal, you cannot ride when the board is off. However, i could see how under the right circumstances you could ride a nearly dead board down a very long hill and actually recharge some of the battery on the way down.

    1. The board stops you from riding when the battery is low via low battery pushback, BUT the board doesn't shut off when you stop. Instead when you stop the board balances and you can attempt to ride again.....but normally low battery pushback will get you to a stop again and you will end up balanced. Typically this is where you hop off and carry your board.

    2. The board has regenerative breaking which means some power is captured to charge the battery when breaking. This is most useful while riding down hill. I personally have watched the battery % go up a few percent while riding down a few hundred foot steep hill. If riding down a large hill or a mountain you could expect significant charging if the batteries have the capacity to store it.

    Combine 1&2 and I would imagine if you take a nearly dead board and start riding/breaking down a hill, you should at least be able to ride it out and have some extra battery to spare at the bottom.

  • @thegreck I never said I'm looking for something "non-motorized" bud . Just throwing out simple questions that we can all have a discussion about . You did mention a skate board though , that probably is for a different forum lol !!

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