Battery pint failure

  • My Onewheel Pint with only 4 months old sends me a message that it needs to be recharged with 20-40% battery left, I have been charging for several days to calibrate the cells and even so I still get an error and I cannot use the Onewheel for fear of stay put,🥺🥺🥺

  • Have you run the battery down to nothing? As in the board shuts off after
    LED's turn red?

  • @nemo801 the charger does what's called a top balance. I.e. charges cells to the top of the voltage range.

    Draining the battery by running it flat in a milk crate or similar does what's called a bottom balance (bottom of the voltage range). Don't do bottom balancing too often but it might help in this case.

    If the bottom balance doesn't fix it, a cell is dying and you should pursue a replacement battery under warranty.