Riding Steady (XR - Pint - Plus), The Daily Ride Crew Roll Call (Not Riding a V1, Can Add Data by Tribute) Moved ~ 5 Spots in 30 Days

  • Some global data to share based on the FM server.....
    Ok it seems that for the XR I have arrived at a holding pattern for several days which mean roughly 40 XRs hit the needed mile each day.

    On a Pint the holding pattern is roughly 50 daily riders getting the mile in...

    For the Plus with a lower ridership I got to the holding pattern much quicker and it seems roughly 20 riders capture the mile daily.

    If any V1 daily riders can share what they see then I can update the post.

    Also feel free to comment and post your position pic as a daily rider.

  • Great analysis! Interpolate some more, too, given mileage data, please. And it would be good to see data from other riders as well. Interesting data-crunching thread!

  • @LidPhones Only got the XR to collect data with but hope this is useful to your project. Pint to come if I get it rolling again.

    Decided to do some spreadsheeting of my screenshots for the previous streak and new one coming.
    Not sure if it's of any interest but it's curious to see the exponetial decrease in position change the closer you get to zero.
    Interestingly I always theorised more riders drop out during the colder periods. Seems not to be the case at least for anyone in triple figure days streaked.

    With the new data I'm getting it should contrast the XR leaderboard starting 2019(March 10) vs 2021(January 9) and see just how many more riders are committed to the cause.

  • @Lia
    Very good data. I would expect a similar % of short run streakers (riders that maybe hit ten or twenty day streaks in good weather. Neat to see how the rider base has increased over a two year period. I have been holding steady on the XR at 38 for that last several days... The Pint has gotten to 50th (a few riders dropped). The Plus is crazy quick on advancing these days as I am 22 days in and in the 15th spot...

  • @LidPhones Oh wow things have changed on the XR, at around that point for me there was a decent level of movement and much closer to the top 5. Wonder where I'll be at 200+ days in seeing how this is going with what you're seeing currently.
    Uploaded the spreadsheet to GDrive if you want to browse the data I collected or wipe mine and enter your own to see how it compares. (Apparently the graphs only show if you open it in Google Sheets or Excel)

    Best of luck with the streak, I'd imagine the 1Y mark has fewer people lined up or at least where enough call it quits so I'm curious where you're at when you get there!

    Plus and more so the V1 have a lower bar to entry but still a delight to pursue, it is afterall the ride we strive for and not the end goal (irregardless of my newfound mission to get back up there). I imagine if FM make a new flagship the XR will taper off with Pint holding the most passionate rider crown for a period till the new board gets a decent backing of riders to claim the throne.

  • @Lia
    Thanks for the data link. Absolutely, anyone of us that have been around for a bit are in it for the joy of the TerraSurfing. It is also nice to have goals to achieve while on the ride....

    I am curious what the next OW will be like.. I have heard rumors of many neat features... we will see once it is announced.

  • 30 Day Update - Gained some on all boards. Really Holding Steady NOW....
    XR = 265 days, t-100 days for the goal....



  • @LidPhones -- Not really the best weather for streaking, but I am right behind you one place in the Onewheel Plus line-up. IMG_2496.jpeg

  • Crossover points -- Ranked 37 at 37 hundred-some miles on a Plus. (The 37 day streak is coincidental and unrelated.) In the post above rank 36 was at 36 hundred-some miles. The bar is rising -- at this rate when I get up to 38 hundred miles I will be ranked 38!

  • Like hibernating bears Onewheel riders must be waking up and relinking their boards. In the past week or so I have gone from #36 to #37 to #38 to #40 now, at the moment on my Plus -- even with lately having logged a couple hundred miles.

  • @blkwalnutgrwr
    So on lifetime it seems that steady activity does not matter just total miles reported from the controller when it links to the FM database.

    By the way you still one spot behind me on day streak for the plus? I am 11th as of today ....

  • @LidPhones -- A thaw has made riding springlike! And yes, I am #12 right on your heel -- if you glitch, I take your place.
    Edit: Plus mileage rank #39 at 39 hundred miles. IMG_2582.jpeg
    Edit, again: Next I looked, right after I posted the first edit, I was at #38, and in a few miles more I find I am again #37. Just like a traffic knot a bunch of riders clustered at just over 3900 miles. In theory the rest of the riders up to the Leaderboard should be spaced about 75 miles apart. We will see as it unfolds and I chalk up more and more miles.

  • @blkwalnutgrwr
    I figured as much.. I welcome the motivation....🤪

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