Riding Steady (XR - Pint - Plus), The Daily Ride Crew Roll Call (Not Riding a V1, Can Add Data by Tribute) Moved ~ 5 Spots in 30 Days

  • Like hibernating bears Onewheel riders must be waking up and relinking their boards. In the past week or so I have gone from #36 to #37 to #38 to #40 now, at the moment on my Plus -- even with lately having logged a couple hundred miles.

  • @blkwalnutgrwr
    So on lifetime it seems that steady activity does not matter just total miles reported from the controller when it links to the FM database.

    By the way you still one spot behind me on day streak for the plus? I am 11th as of today ....

  • @LidPhones -- A thaw has made riding springlike! And yes, I am #12 right on your heel -- if you glitch, I take your place.
    Edit: Plus mileage rank #39 at 39 hundred miles. IMG_2582.jpeg
    Edit, again: Next I looked, right after I posted the first edit, I was at #38, and in a few miles more I find I am again #37. Just like a traffic knot a bunch of riders clustered at just over 3900 miles. In theory the rest of the riders up to the Leaderboard should be spaced about 75 miles apart. We will see as it unfolds and I chalk up more and more miles.

  • @blkwalnutgrwr
    I figured as much.. I welcome the motivation....🤪

  • Got to #31 and now sliding backwards again to Plus mileage rank #33 -- even with averaging sixteen miles a day. There must be more boards being relinked lately. Holding steady at #11 on the Plus Daystreak.
    EDIT: Still sliding backwards in rank -- #34 with 4470 miles now, three days later.

  • @blkwalnutgrwr
    I am still @ 10th on the Plus Day Streak (79 days)... Made it to 31st on XR for 302 days, On the Pint sitting @ 42nd for 193 days

  • Just curious: What is 'relinking' and how does it play with the Day Streak? Thx!

  • @HorsePlay -- In the app is a place to 'UNLINK' your board. I unlinked my V1 so I could monitor progress on my Plus -- as the app only shows the more prominent board. Unlinking for more than 24 hours breaks a daystreak.
    Relinking restores position in mileage rank -- for example, if I relink my V1 I will be #2 on the V1 mileage Leaderboard with 10127 miles logged, and behind mekegul ahead of me as #1 (but then I would not be able to see the ranking on my Plus in my app). If FranKtheTanK relinks his 15,000 mile V1 he will appear at #1 for V1 mileage, mekegul would drop to #2, and in that case I could be #3.

  • @blkwalnutgrwr ,

    Many thanks for the explanation. I've not seen/found the 'unlink' feature. Is the 'Forget' button at the top of a specific boards Information ("i" in a circle) page the same thing/feature? (I'm running app on iOS.)

    Perhaps this feature only presents itself to those riding multiple boards? Two boards show up in my app (mine and my husband's) but only mine is set to 'autoconnect.' I'd simply assumed that folks riding/tracking multiple boards simply 'connected' to each board, one at a time, prior to riding.

    Huh. The app is a funny thing ... simultaneously annoying and satisfying. (Does anyone else find themselves reaching for their board but stopping short, "Nope. Can't ride; I don't have my phone on me." ???)

    Maybe others simply carry their phones more than I do ... mine is often sitting on a table charging. Time to upgrade to newer phone and better battery, indeed. Yes, I need to upgrade my phone because of my new board-sport. Vicious cycle! When does this stop? LOL

  • @HorsePlay -- On the Leaderboard screen in the app, click on the gear-toothed icon in the upper right. Then you choose the board you want to unlink and click the bar at the bottom that says so.
    A Onewheel can be ridden without the app: for example, yesterday I had forgotten my phone, rode fourteen miles or so, and reconnected when I got home; for daystreak purposes the app said that I had ridden ten miles -- anything over ten simply shows as ten.

  • @blkwalnutgrwr , THANK YOU! I see it now thanks to your navigation.

    Thanks also for the tip re: reconnecting after a ride w/out the phone. I'll have to try that ... but not yet ... (I'm too chicken) ...

  • @LidPhones -- Took your place as #10 in the Plus Daystreak. Guessing you are now #9.

  • @blkwalnutgrwr , Unfortunately I am back at 115th on the plus. This ride yesterday did not link up evidently. Hey one less board to ride everyday 🤪

  • @LidPhones -- I enjoyed being a pair for a while, sorry for your linkage problem. But I also know the release from riding three boards -- I did it last summer briefly maintaining a Plus streak, while trying achieve two places on the same V1 Daystreak, which I then learned cannot be done. So then I sold one, and this winter concentrated on riding one board at a given stretch of time.

  • @LidPhones Sorry that happened to you too.

  • @blkwalnutgrwr
    Friendly competition is the best.... I hope to catch you again soon.

  • @Lia
    Thanks, mine was not 2 years worth of rides though.... Like you.

  • Hmmm... I have been riding averaging over forty miles a day this week and last, even in the spring rainy days, and went backwards on the Plus mileage Leaderboard one place -- despite having logged half a thousand miles. I was at #22 chasing #21, now I am at #23.
    To get up to #10 now, though, is less than a thousand miles. Maybe in June.

  • Well, I got up to #8 on the Plus Daystreak... but spilled again with bruised ribs (edit: two fractured ribs) and bruised hip... not likely to ride in this all day rain, today.

    And that #10 I am yearning for on the Plus Mileage Leaderboard will likely be delayed for a while -- fortnights of riding half a thousand miles will not be happening this moon.

  • @blkwalnutgrwr Bruised rib and hip sucks, been a while but I remember never wanting to do it again. Hope that heals up quick!

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